Love Is Like This - The Hollywood Years Part One

Movie Musical | Release date: 06/09/2014 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Rolling Down the Road (From 'Song of the Open Road')3:27
2.Here It Is Monday (From 'Song of the Open Road')3:05
3.I'm Having Fun in the Sun (From 'Song of the Open Road')2:09
4.Carmena Waltz (From 'Song of the Open Road')2:42
5.I Think of You (From 'Holiday in Mexico')1:43
6.Italian Street Song (From 'Holiday in Mexico')1:30
7.Les Filles De Cadiz (From 'Holiday in Mexico')1:26
8.Passepied (From 'Three Daring Daughters')1:29
9.Far Away (From 'Three Daring Daughters')1:53
10.Je Veux Vivre (From 'Three Daring Daughters')2:25
11.Springtide (From 'Three Daring Daughters')2:17
12.I'm Strictly on the Corny Side (From 'A Date with Judy')2:18
13.Love Is Where You Find It (From 'A Date with Judy')2:24
14.Spring Came Back to Vienna (From 'Luxury Liner')1:50
15.The Peanut Vendor (From 'Luxury Liner')2:08
16.Gavotte (From 'Luxury Liner')1:54
17.Love Is Like This (From 'Nancy Goes to Rio')3:02
18.Magic Is the Moonlight (From 'Nancy Goes to Rio')2:38
19.Quando Me'n Vo (From 'Nancy Goes to Rio')2:21
20.The Oceana Roll (From 'Two Weeks with Love')2:31
21.My Hero (From 'Two Weeks with Love')3:00
22.A Heart That's Free (From 'Two Weeks with Love')2:30
23.By the Light of the Silvery Moon (From 'Two Weeks with Love')2:09
24.Open Your Eyes (From 'Royal Wedding')2:56
25.How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You (From 'Royal Wedding')3:05
26.The Happiest Day of My Life (From 'Royal Wedding')2:25
27.Too Late Now (From Royal Wedding')3:00
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