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Vocal Collection

TV Series/TV film | Release date: 04/20/2002 | Film release: 1978 | Format: CD

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Gatchaman no Uta3:05
2.Taose! Gyaracter2:43
3.Saraba Tomoyo3:18
4.Isshoni Arukou Konomichi wo3:50
5.Wareta Gachaman3:26
6.Gachaman no Inori3:43
7.Moyuru Hi no Tori5:10
8.Gatchaman March2:54
9.Yomigaere ArukidaseJoe no Uta3:11
10.Oowashi wa Takaku TobuKen no Uta3:56
11.Bokura no Gatchaman3:52
12.Miimizuku to Tsubakuro2:37
13.Chikyu ni Hana no Kanmuri wo4:41
14.Ashita Yume mite3:35
15.Gatchaman Fighter2:34
16.Bokura no Gatchaman2:05
18.Taose! Gyaracter '944:15
20.GATCHAMAN'94('95 CYBER MIX)4:59
# Track   Duration
1.Gatchaman's Song3:05
2.Destroy! Gallactor2:43
3.Farewell Friend3:18
4.Walking That Road Together3:50
5.We Are Gatchaman3:26
6.Gatchaman's Prayer3:43
7.Burn Firebird5:10
8.Gatchaman March2:54
9.First Steps of Resurrection (Joe's Song)3:11
10.Fly High Giant Eagle (Ken's Song)3:56
11.Our Gatchaman3:52
12.Owl & Swallow2:37
13.Covering the Earth in Flowers4:41
14.Dreaming of Tomorrow3:35
15.Gatchaman Fighter2:34
16.Our Gatchaman2:05
17.Gatchaman '944:50
18.Destroy! Gallactor '944:15
19.Bonus Track (TV Comic Action Series) TV Comic Action Deluxe Science Ninja Team Gatchaman4:36
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