Uch No Kishi Tekkaman
TV Original BGM Collection

Nippon Columbia (4988001973249)
TV Series/TV film | Release date: 09/22/2005 | Film release: 1975 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 5000 copies

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# Track   Duration
1.The Knights Soaring in the Space ~ Verdant and Large Earth / Tekkaman no Uta (Song From Tekkaman, TV sized length) / Burn, Sun2:48
2.The Man From a Star ~ Wandering Star / Shyer, a Little2:55
3.Hiromi and Mutan ~ A Promenade in Afternoon / An Amusement Park / I Love Mutan / Flirting a Little4:47
4.The Order to Plundering the Earth ~ The Waldaster Brothers / The Fortress Spacecraft Carrier / Sargasso / Siege Net of Thorn / The Time to Conquest2:37
5.Tekkaman in Fierce Fight ~ Tekk-lancer / Space Ride / The Invincible Knight1:45
6.The Southern Cross ~ Whisper of Stars / Feeling-star / Crossing the Stars2:37
7.The Ill Earth1:45
8.The Boltekka0:10
9.The Far Planet Sanno ~ Etranger / Homesickness / Dear Friend,3:37
10.Weekend ~ The Weekend! / Hurry, Mutan / The Shopping / Head Light Shower / Throbing Milkyway4:27
11.The Waldaster Trap ~ Doburai the Space Emperor /3:38
12.The Braveman of the Sun ~ A Brave Figure / Defeat / A Triumphal Song3:27
13.Leap, Take Set! ~ The Tomorrowless Earth / The Space Development Center / Departure for the Future3:53
14.The Final... Tekkaman ~ Tears-star - Good-bye, Jji / Wish-star - Blue Earth / Destiny-star - Tekkaman3:10
15.Space Knights no Uta (Song of the Space Knights, TV sized length)0:45
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