Airwolf: Extended Themes

TV Series/TV film | Release date: 03/25/2014 | Film release: 1995 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 2000 copies

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# Track   Duration
1.Pilot Journey to Red Star (TV) (extended)4:25
2.Pilot Kafir Palace Raid + Red Star Test Run3:25
3.Season 1 Trailer0:34
4.Season 1 Opening / Closing (extended)4:41
5.Season 1 Slow Main Theme0:58
6.Pilot, Season 1 Synth Theme (extended)6:35
7.Season 2 Sweet Brithes Trailer0:33
8.Season 2 Sweet Brithes / Firestorm Intro0:41
9.Season 2 Sweet Brithes / Firestorm (extended)4:11
10.Season 2 Sweet Brithes epilogue0:33
11.Season 1 Closing0:27
12.Season 2 Firestorm Trailer0:35
13.Season 2 Fallen Angel / HX 15:00
14.Season 2 Aerial Theme (extended)6:05
15.Season 3 Opening / Aerial Theme (extended)4:12
16.Season 2 + 3 Generic Closing Theme (extended)6:00
17.Pilot, Season 3 Journey to Red Star (Movie)3:40
18.Pilot, Season 1 + 2 Minimalist (extended)6:10
19.Pilot Orchestral Suite5:16
20.Pilot Closing Theme0:51
21.Season 2 + 3 Generic Closing (regular length)3:25
22.Season 1 + 3 Special JMS Mix4:41
# Track   Duration
1.Airwolf II8:00
2.And They Are Us2:47
5.Echos from the Past Cabin Epilogue2:19
6.Sins of the Past / Bite of the Jackal Family Theme2:42
7.Half-Pint Le Vans Theme1:55
8.Hawke's Run4:35
9.Jennie Operation Blackstone1:59
10.Kingdom Come5:16
11.Mind of the Machine3:47
12.Natural Born Kevins Theme + Aerials4:36
13.Pilot (TV) Blaze Theme1:47
14.Pilot / Bite of the Jackal Eagles Cello Theme + Synth Theme2:32
15.Proof Through the Night incl. Song of the Revolution Poljuko Polje4:12
16.Santini's Millions3:00
17.Severance Pay3:32
18.The Horn of Plenty3:24
19.Santini's Millions / Hawke's Run Trust Theme3:00
20.Where Have all the Children Gone?5:06
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Airwolf: Extended Themes - 10/10 - Review of Sergei Filtero, submitted at
Simply fantastic release for the Airwolf fans. I bought mine directly from the two artist composers from their website. Couldn't believe how good the quality of the 42 tracks were. Blows away the first Airwolf Themes CD. Get a copy while they're still being made.

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