Fierce Creatures

Colosseum (4005939579227)
Varèse Sarabande (0030206579222)
Movie | Release date: 01/14/1997 | Film release: 1997 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.Willa's Theme2:10
2.First Day1:17
4.To the Zoo2:07
5.The Funeral2:33
6.Trained Seals1:55
7.Under Control2:30
9.A Good Idea2:13
10.The Grave2:04
11.A Long Story2:25
12.You're Fired2:07
13.End Credits3:34
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Fierce Creatures - 06/10 - Review of Tom Daish, submitted at
One of the least Jerry-like scores I can think of. Just under thiry minutes of fairly unassuming light jazz, bouncing piano bass lines and a small ensemble makes for an intimate little score. I don't honestly recall it having a major influence in the film, as it was, there was only about 20 minutes in the film, the remainder was specially composed for the album cos Jerry's nice like that. Each little musical vignette doesn't greatly vary from the moods established in the first couple of tracks, the slightly sultry Willa's theme and the more upbeat main theme which contrasts the two moods of dour and fun. There are some more genuinely touching moments such as in The Funeral and The Grave; I thought it was a pleasant change to have a comedy score where the more serious moments weren't treated with mushy sentimentality, although I wondered if the mood was a little bit too serious and sombre. On the other hand, tracks like Trained Seals, there is a bouncy pluckiness that keeps things moving along quite nicely. The often used piano bass line (as featured prominently at the opening of the End Credits) almost sounds like the opening to a song, sort of thing that you might get Jools Holland playing and then improvising around.

The End Credits make a nice mix of the main theme, Willa's theme and a short interlude of sombre strings and would certainly be a worthwhile feature on any Jerry Goldsmith compilation in the future. It's difficult to recommend this score since stalwart Goldsmith fans will be up in arms at how he could have gone from classics such as Planet of the Apes and Star Trek: The Motion Picture to such undemanding fayre. On the other hand, it's too enjoyable to be ignored completely. An interesting diversion at worst, an interestingly different comedy score at best.

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