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X-Men: Days of Future Past

Sony Classical (888430558328)
Movie | Release date: 06/03/2014 | Film release: 2014 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.The Future/Main Titles2:45
2.Time’s Up (Original Version)4:18
3.Hope (Xavier’s Theme)4:48
4.I Found Them2:51
5.Saigon/Logan Arrives4:36
6.Pentagon Plan/Sneaky Mystique3:24
7.He Lost Everything1:51
8.Springing Erik3:33
9.How Was She?1:46
10.All Those Voices3:18
11.Paris Pandemonium7:44
12.Contacting Raven1:48
13.Rules of Time3:07
14.Hat Rescue1:29
15.Time’s Up (Film Version)3:33
16.The Attack Begins5:03
17.Join Me3:20
18.Do What You Were Made For2:56
19.I Have Faith in You/Goodbyes2:27
20.Welcome Back/End Titles3:57
21.Time in a BottleJim Groce2:26
22.The First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceRoberta Flack5:19
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X-Men: Days of Future Past - 08/10 - Review of Javier Madariaga, submitted at
'X-Men Days of the Future Past' by John Ottman
'The Promised Return'
Finally after, in my opinion, an exagerated amount of time and films the X-men films get back their true essence, that's why the almost biblical title of this review...the return of the promised John Ottman to the franchise and with it the return of a propper hero film score. Yes I have wanted this since i heard Brian Singer sign for Days of the Future Past and sincerily the last three previous X-Men scores haven´t make me feel anything as what I felt with the three first scores of the franchise, also Ottman was involved on one of them.
Although it's not a very memorable score, as was Powell's in my opinion, it was appropiate and at last we have a propper theme...oh well...the return of the theme.

The theme: Yes!! John Ottman made a full return to this film using not only his incredible Williams-Tyler style of scoring but his theme for X2: X-Men United too. And those who have already heard 'The Future-Main Titles' and 'Welcome Back-End Titles' you have discovered that the theme reprises in it's exact way as in the 2nd film of the franchise. And although it's not used too much in the majority of the score it deserves a stand-up aplause for reprising what we, the classicisians, wanted for X-Men scores...a Theme, something what Beltrami, Jackman and Gregson-Williams couldn´t give us propperly.

The Score: This films has a very solid score with the exact combination between orchestra and electronics so it's a well blended score with the future and the past as it's presented in the film. With terrific chorus in action cues ('Time's Up') and gentle, pridefull and emotional strings for noble and emotional cues ('Hope' and 'Do what you were made for') this score counts with the spirit of Michael Kamen's neoclassical score and the world-class orchestration of Powell's. And although Ottman asked the previous composers of the franchise who scored films involved with the characters of the film (Jackman and Powell) to participate, which they didn´t, there is no use of any other previous musical theme appart from the main theme by Ottman.

This is as far the best of the last four scores for the franchise because reminds us what a Marvel film score must be (yeah hear that Tyler Bates please don´t ruin GOTG) and takes us back to the years of Kamen, Elfman, Williams, Powell and Ottman that were in my opinion the best hero scores of the last decade and century. This score clearly shows that you can make a stupendous score for action-hero without abusing of the synths and the modern instruments. So my conclussion is this score is great in any sense for those who loved the first three scores of the franchise and it's boring and classy for those who loved the last three before Days of the Future Past.


My petitions:
David Newman to replace Tyler Bates in GOTG
John Ottman to score X-Men: Apocalypse
John Williams to score Inside Out (Pixar)
Retirement of Hans Zimmer of the hero's scores (TASM 2 destroyed all what Horner repaired)
Conrad Pope to score The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

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