Wing Commander

Sonic Images US (0782827890520)
Movie | Release date: 03/09/1999 | Film release: 1999 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
2.Pod Scene1:53
3.Torpedo Kilrathi3:31
6.Into The Quasar2:45
7.Bad Decision/Blair1:27
8.Angel's Story1:47
9.The Fleet1:07
11.Hot Dogs1:21
12.Diligent Arrives2:34
13.The Gift/Skipper Missile3:26
14.Kilrathi Battle1:40
15.The Big Battle2:27
16.Kilrathi Into Scylla2:28
17.Big Damn Ending2:09
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Wing Commander - 06/10 - Review of Tom Daish, submitted at
David Arnold is not a man who is easily swayed into doing many scores in a year and so only his talents as a tunesmith were called into action for this score to the movie of the computer game. Wing Commander makes a better concept for a movie than most computer games, it has to be said. The original game had long opening and cut sequences with real actors and even had a perfectly serviceable score. In fact, I'd have been more than happy to hear orchestral versions of the in game music. However, David Arnold was asked and if they either couldn't pay his fee or Arnold didn't want to write the entire score, he got to write the tune and Kiner wrote the rest. It has to be said that the Overture composed entirely by Arnold isn't one of his more memorable efforts. There is plenty in common with Independence Day but just isn't nearly so likely to stick in the mind.
The rest of the score alternates between slightly non-descript, but carried along by the sheer scale and momentum of the thing action cues and the odd more lush romantic moment. Tracks such as Angel's Story feature sections with synth choir and quiet orchestral interludes that serve to successfully break up the action, but don't really have strong enough themes to keep them alive. The lack of anything memorable is the bane of most of the score to be honest. I really thought that Arnold would come up with something like his ID4 march tunes or his epic Stargate effort, but it this is not to be. Kiner's music sounds a bit like Arnold's music, with sections of The Fleet being especially close to Independence Day, but there are no set pieces that stick in the mind. If Kiner was a decent tunesmith, he'd certainly have no trouble getting work since films these days are looking out for exciting orchestral efforts with the occasional synth bit (such as those in Briefing - Tricked).

I can't complain too much since it is a very enjoyable score, but if I want some Arnold, I'll stick to his original efforts. Hopefully Kiner will get a few more decent films to have a stab at and with some sharpening of his composing abilities could go far indeed. Thanks to Sonic Images for releasing the score since it is worth a listen and if you like big orchestral overkill then it's very well performed and arranged, just not ground breaking and doesn't really showcase a new talent very well since Kiner's own style (if he has one) is mainly buried in Arnold-isms or more non-descript stuff.

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