Inspector Gadget

Movie | Released: 2000 | Film release: 2000 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Titles1:26
2.John Brown Saves The Day2:41
3.Experimental Foot1:49
4.Scolex Approaches3:53
5.Scolex Revealed1:01
6.Penny Goes To The Hospital0:46
7.The Operation0:27
8.Scolex Becomes Claw1:50
9.Waking Up As Gadget1:10
10.Between Man And Machine1:15
11.Scolex's Grand Plan1:24
12.Gadget Suit Revealed0:50
13.Fun In The Park0:33
14.Meditation Exercise1:07
15.New Car / Gadget Takes A Spin2:39
16.Convict's Chase1:55
17.Get My Tuxedo0:57
18.John Brown's Daydream1:01
19.Birth Of Robo-Gadget3:24
20.Birth Of Robo-Gadget3:24
21.Heroic Mission3:41
22.Stealing The Foot1:24
23.Lights Out For Gadget2:28
24.Searching For Gadget0:25
25.Robo-Gadget Reappears1:01
26.Gadget Re-Born2:03
27.Rocket Ride3:13
28.Battle On The Bridge2:03
29.Penny Seaks In / Gadget Battles Robo2:41
30.Gadget Saves Brenda4:14
31.The Kiss / Scolex Captured1:18
32.Happy Ending1:22
33.Swingin' Gadget0:57
34.Gadget Theme Song1:10
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