Finding Nemo

Avex Trax Japan (9787880454703)
Movie | Release date: 11/27/2003 | Film release: 2003 | Format: CD

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
3.Nemo Egg (Main Title)1:16
4.First Day1:15
5.Field Trip0:57
6.Mr. Ray Scientist1:28
7.The Divers1:56
9.Short-Term Dory0:43
10.Why Trust a Shark?1:17
11.Friends Not Food1:51
14.Mt. Wannahockaloogie1:20
17.Jellyfish Forest1:32
18.Stay Awake1:47
19.School of Fish1:03
20.Filter Attempt2:05
21.The Turtle Lope2:04
22.Curl Away My Son1:28
23.News Travels1:13
24.The Little Clownfish from the Reef1:15
25.Darla Filth Offramp2:22
26.Lost in Fog1:05
27.Scum Angel1:22
29.Time to Let Go2:22
30.Sydney Harbour0:28
33.Fish in My Hair1:29
34.All Drains Lead to the Ocean1:36
35....P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney...0:39
36.Fishing Grounds1:41
37.Swim Down1:46
38.Finding Nemo1:19
39.Fronds Like These1:57
40.Beyond the SeaRobbie Williams4:26
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