The Runestone

Perseverance Records (0827034002929)
Movie | Released: 2010 | Film release: 1990 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 1200 copies

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# Track   Duration
2.Main Title/Discovery1:32
3.The Runestone Travels1:53
4.Holy Christ!0:27
5.The Voices First Appear1:15
6.The Voices' Second Appearance0:25
7.Martin Possessed1:51
8.What Do You Want?1:14
9.Supernatural Romance2:54
10.The Keys2:10
11.No Turning Back - Part 10:29
12.No Turning Back - Part 2/What The Hell Was That?0:47
13.Second Killing3:22
15.Martin Collects Himself0:42
16.Martin Grabs Maria1:45
17.Martin Is Crazy1:42
18.Marla Visits Hagstrom0:24
19.No Atheists In Foxholes2:20
20.Marla Escapes Fenrir3:57
21.Heavy Petting2:54
23.The Shadow0:16
25.To The Mine1:06
26.The Party4:01
27.Slaughters At An Exhibition1:41
28.Entering Society1:09
29.Sigvaldson To The Rescue0:35
32.Fenrir vs. Officer Newman2:28
33.Battle: Round One1:38
34.Fenrir Is Held Back2:56
35.Sigvalson Offers Assistance1:28
36.Persuasive Eyes0:30
37.That's Enough2:44
38.Fenrir Reigns Terror1:41
39.Jacob Gets The Axe/Sigvaldson & Fenrir Reunited3:26
40.Jacob Brings The Axe1:27
41.Final Battle2:13
42.They Kill Fenrir/Final Scene3:23
43.End Credits2:55
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