Walk of Shame

Movie | Release date: 04/15/2014 | Film release: 2014 | Format: Download, CD

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Titles/Meghan Runs from Rabbis1:56
2.Ros & Denise Visit/I Am a Writer of Books1:38
3.Meghan Meets Gordon/Chang Is Out2:03
4.Relax Meghan/Meghan's Car Towed1:30
5.Hooker's Revenge/The Little Yellow Dress/Gordon Rinses Eyes1:29
6.Meghan Escapes/Surrounded by Hookers1:46
7.My Heels Hurt/Meghan Tries to Steal Bike/High Heel Problems1:24
8.Meghan Meets Scrilla/Shootout & Escape1:20
9.Goodbye Scrilla/Gordon Sees Meghan's Text1:06
10.Meghan Runs with Scrilla/Searches Clothes/Thrown off the Bus2:00
11.Gordon Questioned About Subway/Interrogation/Cops Pursue Meghan1:04
12.The Search for Meghan2:40
13.Meghan Pursued/Crosses Freeway/Helicopter Rescue3:31
14.Meghan Sees Tow Yard/Show Me Your Boobs0:56
15.Meghan Is Rescued/Will You Help Me1:21
16.Meghan Finds Her Car/Escapes/Hasty Exit1:52
17.I'm the Breaking Story2:55
18.The Girl in the Yellow Dress1:08
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Walk of Shame - 10/10 - Review of Liam Martinez, submitted at
This soundtrack has always been one of Debney's best, in my opinion. Some people will tell you that it's just simple Debney comedic fluff. But, that's actually what I enjoy about it. Especially since it goes a bit experimental with the synthesizers and country music. I will never get tired of listening to this one over and over again.

Track Highlights:
1. Main Titles/Meghan Runs From Rabbis
7. My Heels Hurt/Meghan Tries To Steal Bike/High Heel Problems
8. Meghan Meets Scrilla/Shootout & Escape
10. Meghan Runs With Scrilla/Searches Clothes/Thrown Off The Bus
12. The Search For Meghan
13. Meghan Pursued/Crosses Freeway/Helicopter Rescue
17. I’m The Breaking Story

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