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Clash of the Titans

Sony Music (0886976753429)
WaterTower Music (0886976753429)
Movie | Released: 2010 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.The Storm That Brought You To MeNeil Davidge, Tina Dico, Ramin Djawadi4:50
2.There is a God in You1:38
4.You Can't Hide from Hades3:30
8.You Fall, You Die1:14
9.Written in the Stars2:54
11.Bring Everything (But the Owl)1:47
12.Killed By a God1:50
14.Eyes Down4:19
15.You Were Saved for a Reason1:20
16.Redemption Through Blood2:14
17.I Have Everything I Need3:15
18.King Acrisius2:27
19.It's Expensive Where You Are Going2:50
20.Be My WeaponNeil Davidge10:09
21.The Best of Both1:29
22.Release the Kraken6:03
23.It's Almost Human of You3:15
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Clash of the Titans - 07/10 - Review of Jason FLZ, submitted at
Clash of the Titans is, for the most part, one of the most stereotypical media ventures soundtracks. Hard rock supplemented by pounding synth action music, orchestral sweeps consisting of violin pieces, and music that barely fits the tone of the film. And I will admit that I eat it all up. Clash of The Titans is a MAJOR guilty pleasure for me. Before you read let me make it clear, if you aren't a fan of Media Ventures/Remote Control music you will hate Clash of the Titans. Ramin Dwadji definitely borrows heavily from past scores from that company. That being said, let's move on.

The Storm That Brought You To Me- Opening the album is the 4 minute long song from Neil Davidge, Tina Dico, and Ramin Dwadji. Admittedly, the song is very weak and does not fit the film at all.

There Is A God In You- This is the type of track that hints at what you can expect in the album to come. The best word I can describe it as is epic. There are short bursts of Perseus's main theme and a quick flash of his secondary theme. Short but awesome.

Perseus- In Perseus we are treated to both of Perseus's main theme and his secondary theme in their full variations. The first part of the song is an orchestral, violin filled piece which captures Perseus's more god-like side (think the more orchestral pieces from The Dark Knight and THe Da Vinci Code). It is heroic and powerful. The second part of the song introduces Perseus's secondary theme, as well as the action theme for the film. It is simple but effective, consisting of a 2 part motif that blasts forth. A third part of the song imntroduces a combination of Hades theme as well as some more heroic music filler.

You Can't Hide From Hades- This heavy metal/synth piece is very similar to Davy Jones and the Kraken music from POTC Dead Man's Chest. A choir overlays harsh pounding beats and brassy motifs.

Medusa- The best word to describe 'Medusa' is creepy. A female vocalist plays over dark electronics while violins occasionally appear to add onto the tension. The effect is eery but not particularly listenable.

Scorpiox- This hard rock styled action cue relates alot to Hans Zimmer's action material in terms of sound and structure. It's an effective and exciting piece but not wholly original.

Argos- Out of all the songs in Clash Of The Titans, this particular track fits the best into the style and theme of the film. Argos is portrayed nicely through sweeping themes and a harp playing over the underscore.

You Fall You Die- This short track is mostly drums with short bursts of Perseus's secondary theme.

Written In THe Stars- Here is Where Dwadji introduces a softer theme which is played as the love theme. The first half is synthetic beats with guitar playing over it. The second half is the softer theme, nothing wholly exciting.

Pegasus- Representing Pegasus is a mysterious theme, with guiet vocalists and airy music.

Bring Everything (But The Owl)- This short track is simply Perseus's secondary theme played in different variations.

Killed By A God- Another short track that mixes small orchestrations and synth work.

Djinn- Djinn is a short track that combines mysterious synth music with short bursts of action material. Nothing really interesting.

Eyes Down- Representing Perseus's battle with Medusa, Dwadji captures here some interesting work. He manages to play around with Perseus's theme while at the same time battling with creepy synth effects heard in 'Medusa'. A fun track nonetheless.

You Were Saved For A Reason- This orchestral track is mostly a reprise of the love theme heard in 'Written in the Stars'.

Redemption Through Blood- The first half of the track is some very good orchestral work which segues into Hades's theme in the second half.

I have Everything I Need- Unlike most of the tracks on the albums, this cue is almost 100% orchestral and it works to great effect. It feels heroic without resorting to growling action music.

King Acrisius- This synth heavy track relies on synthetic instruments to blast out notes and rythms. Nothing too interesting.

It's Expensive Where You Are Going- Another synth heavy track with light orchestrations near the end.

Be My Weapon- This explosive track was made between Ramin Dwadji and rocker Neil Davidge. Much like the opening song, Be My Weapon barely fits the film at all. The track is mostly 10 minutes of pounding rock music and strange electronic sounds that feel more at home with a rave party. Unless techno/rock is your thing, this track is mostly filler from Davidge.

The Best Of Both- Another reprise of the love theme. It's effective with it's use of the female vocalist at the end.

Release The Kraken- One of the highlights of the album, this 6 minute track brings back all of the film's primary themes in one epic track. (note that the cue is actually 9 minutes in length but was edited for the album) Opening in the track is a massive choral statement which suddenly bursts into Hades's theme. Suddenly, Perseus's heroic theme rips forward and expands into the main action theme of the film (some minor similarities to Zimmer's Sherlock Holmes score here). The second half of the song is mostly a pounding variation of Hades's theme until the cue ends with a final burst of Perseus's theme.

It's Almost Human of You- The album concludes with this 3 minute track. It's mostly a reprise of both Perseus's theme and the main love theme of the film. The track ends off with Perseus's secondar action theme exploding outwards one final time.

So is Clash of the Titans a great score? Not really. It has it's moments where Dwadji takes some of the more atypical Mediaventures/Remote Control music and improves it with some good orchestral work. Most times however, the music is simply the same run-of-the-mill action/synth/rock music you would expect from Zimmer's team (and that's part of what makes it work). The two tracks from Neil Davidge also add nothing to the album except 14 minutes worth of distracting material that feels very out of place. I would recommend Clash of the Titans to anyone who wants to listen to a kick ass score. If you want smart, complex music look elsewhere. Clash of the Titans may not be a good soundtrack but it sure is a fun one.

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The Bird and The Worm (Instrumental), The Used (Instrumental)

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