Wanderers from Ys

Game soundtrack | Release date: 02/19/2014 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Dancing on the road0:40
2.Omen = Styx =1:08
3.Trading Town of Redmont1:41
4.Quiet Moments0:53
6.Prelude To the Adventure1:06
7.The Boy's Got Wings1:31
8.Be careful1:30
9.Raven Beast1:10
10.Illburns Ruins1:17
11.A Searing Struggle1:33
12.Snare of Darkness1:02
13.Lightning of the Grim Reaper0:41
14.Quickening Dream0:16
15.Steeling the Will To Fight1:25
16.Tearful Twilight0:53
17.Valestein Castle1:33
18.Prayer For Love0:40
19.Key of the Light0:58
20.Sealed Time1:05
21.The Beat of Destruction0:59
22.Tower of Destiny1:09
24.The Strongest Enemy1:54
25.Morning of Departure3:54
26.Wanderers from Ys4:59
27.Dear My Brother0:48
28.Dear Elena1:22
30.The Theme of Chester2:50
32.Believe in my heart4:36
33.TREASURE BOX (bonus track)0:09
34.PAUSE (bonus track)0:06
35.Dear My Brother (PC-88 mode) (bonus track)0:48
36.Dear Elena (PC-88 mode) (bonus track)1:21
37.Introduction!! (PC-88 mode) (bonus track)0:43
38.The Theme of Chester (PC-88 mode) (bonus track)2:51
39.Chop!! (PC-88 mode) (bonus track)1:36
40.Believe in my heart (PC-88 mode) (bonus track)4:35
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