The Amazing Spider-Man

Movie | Release date: 07/04/2012 | Film release: 2012 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title - Young Peter4:36
2.Main Title Rev.1:25
3.Main Title Alt.2:09
5.Briefcase Discovery3:40
6.Briefcase Discovery Rev.1:34
8.OSCORP Rev.1:15
9.Inside OSCORP1:12
10.Peter Impresses Connors1:35
11.Peter Impresses Connors Rev.1:45
12.Falling Spiders2:39
13.Ratha 11:57
14.sleuthfix Ratha 10:32
15.Rumble in the Subway1:24
17.Sticky Fingers Pt. 12:12
18.Sticky Fingers Pt. 21:12
19.Peter's Equation3:08
20.Basketball Court1:33
21.The Ganali Device2:31
22.Peter Storms Out0:50
23.Bye Bye Ben4:32
24.Bye Bye Ben Rev.4:35
25.Peter and the Thugs2:10
26.Becoming Spider-Man4:25
27.A Narrow Escape1:56
28.Ratha 22:26
29.Connor's Dream2:07
31.Up on the Roof2:40
32.I'm in Trouble0:30
33.Lizard on the Bridge5:44
34.Peter's Suspicions Grow3:10
35.Making a Silk Trap3:19
36.ewer Fight1:27
37.Gwen's Fears / Peter's Guilt2:50
38.School Fight5:36
39.Lizard Wreaks Havoc Pt. 11:49
40.Lizard Wreaks Havoc Pt. 22:34
41.Saving New York8:49
43.I Can't See You Anymore7:04
45.The Amazing Spiderman: End Credits2:39
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