Movie | Release date: 12/12/2013 | Film release: 1971 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 500 copies

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# Track   Duration
1.Erika (Seq. 1)4:41
2.Erika (Seq. 2)2:51
3.Erika (Seq. 3)3:05
4.Erika (Seq. 4)1:43
5.Erika (Seq. 5)3:28
6.Erika (Seq. 6)3:18
7.Erika (Seq. 7)5:37
8.Erika (Seq. 8)2:58
9.Erika (Seq. 9)3:22
10.Erika (Seq. 10)3:15
11.Erika (Seq. 11)1:57
12.Erika (Seq. 12)6:37
13.Erika (Seq. 13)3:41
14.Erika (Seq. 14)1:48
15.Erika (Seq. 15)2:16
16.Erika (Seq. 16)3:43
17.Erika (Seq. 17)3:14
18.Erika (Seq. 18)2:43
19.Erika (Seq. 19)3:57
20.Erika (Seq. 20)2:07
21.Erika (Seq. 21)3:42
22.Erika (Seq. 22)1:28
23.Erika (Seq. 23)2:08
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Erika - 07/10 - Review of John Mansell, submitted at

It is such a shame that the late Roberto Pregadio is not more widely represented on compact disc his music after all was an important and vital element of Italian cinema. ERIKA is a soft porn drama that was fairly typical of movies that were being produced in Italy towards the end of the 1960,s and into the early 1970, s. Pregadio created a charming and infectious score for the film and his soundtrack is brimming to overflowing with cool sounding pop shake material, smooth and light easy listening passages and smokey, steamy and erotic sounding compositions. The composer employing soft and wistful woodwind on a number of occasions to set the scene. Light strings and punctuating bass and percussion also play a big part in the creation of the sound and style of the score. It is I suppose text book Italian film score material blending a slightly classical approach with a more upbeat and modern style. Piano, guitar and flute are the mainstays of the score with strings and percussion adding support with fragile flourishes of harpsichord occasionally entering into the equation. A rewarding and entertaining release which is packaged well by BEAT containing a number of stills from the movie and liner notes by Fabio Babini.
A new tribute to the great Maestro Roberto Pregadio, who recently passed away and who gave so much to Italian cinema and television, we present his never-before-released score for ERIKA, a dramatic movie shot in 1971 by Filippo Walter Ratti and featuring Pierre Brice, Patrizia Viotti and Bernard De Vries.
Great lounge sonorities were sewn into the scenes by the renowned composer and musician, author of some of the most beautiful soundtracks of this type in the mythical decade of the 70s. ERIKA is finally available on CD in this complete edition featuring more than 70 minutes of musica gem that can't be missed!

The CD is presented in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet, liner notes (in Italian and English) by Fabio Babini, graphic layout by Alessio Iannuzzi and audio mastering by Claudio Fuiano. Limited edition of 500 copies!

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