The Thorn Birds

Colosseum (4005939656423)
Varèse Sarabande (0030206656428)
TV Series/TV film | Released: 2004 | Film release: 1983 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title4:15
4.Young Meggie1:29
5.Ralph, Meggie and Mary2:23
6.Stuie Grows Up1:27
7.Paddy and Fiona2:44
8.Passion Play3:21
9.The Story of The Thorn Birds2:15
10.Meggie Grows Up1:31
11.Baby Hal Dies3:02
12.The Rams and the Ewes2:04
14.The Thorn Birds Theme2:34
15.Fire On Drogheda2:41
16.Search for Paddy3:05
17.Father Ralph Returns and Funeral Procession2:36
18.Meggie's Heartbreak4:01
19.It's Shearing You're Hearing4:17
20.Luke and Meggie2:31
21.Marry Me, Meggin2:17
22.Arrival at the Vatican2:02
23.The Announcement0:50
# Track   Duration
1.Meggie Leaves Drogheda1:19
2.Arrival at Queensland2:10
3.Beggin of the End2:26
4.Welcome to Himmelhock1:50
5.New Kid In Town1:20
6.Matlock Island3:22
7.Beach Walk2:27
8.Forbidden Love1:37
9.Ralph and Meggie1:55
10.Paradise Lost3:08
11.Vacation's End3:28
12.Meggie Leaves the Himmelhocks1:42
13.Meggie Goes Home2:43
16.Good-bye, Dane2:04
17.Justine Visits Drogheda1:28
18.The Greek Tragedy1:33
19.Bye Bye Dane1:43
20.Loss of a Son2:52
21.Meggie Reveals the Truth5:04
22.Be Happy5:10
23.Ralph Dies3:34
24.End Title0:43
25.Anywhere the Heart Goes2:28
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