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Back to the Future

Intrada Special Collection 2009 CD - Limited edition (0720258377920)
Movie Film release: 1985

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# Track   Duration
1.Logo 0:20
2.DeLorean Reveal 0:46
3.Einstein Disintegrated 1:22
4.'85 Twin Pines Mall 4:43
5.Peabody Barn; Marty Ditches DeLorean 3:09
6.'55 Town Square 1:18
7.Lorraineís Bedroom 0:47
8.Retrieve DeLorean 1:15
9.1.21 Jigowatts1:37
10.The Picture 1:09
11.Picture Fades 0:17
12.Skateboard Chase 1:39
13.Marty's Letter 1:20
14.George To The Rescue - Pt10:50
15.Marvin Be-Bop 2:25
16.George To The Rescue - Pt 22:34
17.Tension; The Kiss 1:33
18.Goodnight Marty 1:31
19.It's Been Educational; Clocktower 1:30
20.Helicopter 0:19
21.'85 Lone Pine Mall 3:46
22.4 x 4 0:40
23.Doc Returns 1:14
24.Back To The Future3:16
# Track   Duration
1.DeLorean Reveal 0:40
2.Einstein Disintegrated 1:25
3.Peabody Barn 2:17
4.Marty Ditches DeLorean 1:56
5.'55 Town Square #11:35
6.'55 Town Square #21:35
7.Retrieve DeLorean 1:16
8.1.21 Jigowatts 1:36
9.The Picture1:08
10.Skateboard Chase1:40
11.George To The Rescue 4:13
12.Tension; The Kiss 1:42
13.Clocktower 1:02
14.'85 Lone Pine Mall 3:50
15.Doc Returns 1:19
Unused Source Cue From The Scoring Sessions
16.Ling Ting Ring2:01
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Wow! At last! Alan Silvestri's complete orchestral soundtrack for legendary Robert Zemeckis movie, released by Universal, produced by Steven Spielberg, starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd. Spectacular 2-CD set offers every cue Silvestri fashioned for landmark movie, presented from complete multi-track scoring session masters. CD 1 features now-iconic score used in movie. (Songs can be found on MCA label release.) But there's more! Many film fans know movie underwent changes in lead actor & serious tone of initial production. Find out now how Silvestri made changes as well! CD 2 presents early sessions featuring entire score Silvestri recorded before re-scoring with now-familiar one. Early version features darker, more serious tone in music than final version. Cool alternate scoring highlight: powerful trombone chords for initial version of Marty arriving in 'Peabody Barn'. Another powerful highlight: lengthy, intense action music for 'George To The Rescue'. Highlighting both discs, of course: early and final versions of complete 'Clocktower' sequence, a genuine cinema-scoring milestone. Authoritative notes by Michael Matessino on background of production, scoring details, session dates plus great color stills complete package. Both early version and familiar 'famous' version of score offer non-stop excitement! Alan Silvestri conducts. Note: While this is a limited release, we don't want anyone to miss out on this important album. For that reason, we are electing not to specify a quantity, but our Agreement allows us to exceed the usual 3000 limit. There should be more than enough to go around!

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