The Patriot Yue Fei

Movie | Release date: 10/27/2013 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Battle Arena1:05
2.Fearless Yue Fei / Following General Liu / The Army of Yue / First Encounter of the Chariots3:04
3.Zhou's Goodbye to His Queen / A Short Happy Family Time Together / Romance3:05
4.Victory in Mt. Centipede0:26
5.Battle Drums / Dueling with General Wong2:18
6.News from Hometown / Wedding5:15
7.Fourth Prince of Jurchen / Decoy1:32
8.The Last Fight of Gao / River Runs Red3:06
9.Surprise Raid / Yue Fei's Benevolence Prevails / Yue Fei Faces the Challenge Alone1:13
10.Farewell Forever3:37
11.Susu Saves Her Father1:04
12.The Return of Yue Fei0:51
13.Tattoo: For the Love of My Country5:45
15.Yue Fei Says Goodbye to His Family6:56
17.Blood Battle0:45
18.Imprisoned by the Jurchens / On the Brink of War3:29
19.The Last Words of General Zong4:19
20.Duel with the Duke / Protect the Prince2:36
21.The Storyteller1:01
22.First Appearance of Hong-Yu3:26
23.Patriotic Heart / Song Inspired by Yue Fei's Theme3:32
24.Yue Fei the Patriot Piano Suite6:44
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