Epic Film Soundtracks for the End of the World
Original Recordings

Movie | Release date: 06/08/2012 | Format: Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.A Place In the Sun SuiteFranz Waxman8:31
2.A Touch of Evil Title SongHenry Mancini3:28
3.Selections from Band of AngelsMax Steiner8:51
4.Ben-Hur PreludeMiklós Rózsa3:22
5.Ben-Hur Love ThemeMiklós Rózsa2:39
6.Ben-Hur Roman March ThemeMiklós Rózsa1:19
7.Captain of Castile ThemeAlfred Newman1:52
8.Casablanca SuiteMax Steiner6:59
9.Citizen Kane SuiteBernard Herrmann8:58
10.Dial M For Murder ThemeDimitri Tiomkin3:14
11.Double Indemnity SuiteMiklós Rózsa8:30
12.El Cid Love ThemeMiklós Rózsa2:08
13.El Cid Fight For Calahorra ThemeMiklós Rózsa3:35
14.El Cid Farewell ThemeMiklós Rózsa6:26
15.Exodus ThemeErnest Gold7:40
16.Friendly Persuasion Title ThemeDimitri Tiomkin2:22
17.Giant Main ThemeDimitri Tiomkin2:10
18.Godzilla Main ThemeAkira Ifukube1:29
19.Gone With the Wind SuiteMax Steiner4:36
20.High Noon ThemeDimitri Tiomkin2:54
21.Ivanhoe OvertureMiklós Rózsa5:29
22.King Kong SuiteMax Steiner14:05
23.King of Kings PreludeMiklós Rózsa2:46
24.King of Kings Suite 1Miklós Rózsa2:04
25.King of Kings Suite 2Miklós Rózsa6:40
26.King of Kings Suite 3Miklós Rózsa2:59
27.King of Kings Suite 4Miklós Rózsa4:42
28.Kings Row: Grandmother's ThemeErich Wolfgang Korngold3:09
29.La Strada Main ThemeNino Rota3:32
30.Land of the Pharaohs SuiteDimitri Tiomkin8:00
31.Lawrence of Arabia OvertureMaurice Jarre4:19
32.Lost Horizon Main ThemeDimitri Tiomkin2:49
33.Lust For Life PreludeMiklós Rózsa3:04
34.Modern Times 'Smile'Charlie Chaplin2:04
35.North By Northwest ThemeBernard Herrmann3:18
36.Psycho SuiteBernard Herrmann9:53
37.Purple Noon 'La Plage'Nino Rota1:22
38.Quo Vadis PreludeMiklós Rózsa2:07
39.Quo Vadis 'Caesar March' ThemeMiklós Rózsa4:11
40.Rebecca ThemeFranz Waxman1:50
41.Red River Main ThemeDimitri Tiomkin3:26
42.Red River 'Bunson Heads South' ThemeDimitri Tiomkin4:46
43.Richard III SuiteSir William Walton9:47
44.Samson And Delilah PreludeVictor Young5:43
45.Samson And Delilah SuiteVictor Young6:00
46.Soloman And Sheba Title ThemeMario Nascimbene2:19
47.Spartacus Main ThemeAlex North3:15
48.Spartacus 'Headed For Freedom' ThemeAlex North3:11
49.Spartacus 'Goodbye, My Life, My Love' ThemeAlex North4:13
50.Spellbound Main ThemeMiklós Rózsa4:46
51.Streetcar Named Desire Main ThemeAlex North1:21
52.Sunset Boulevard SuiteFranz Waxman7:44
53.The 7th Voyage of Sinbad OvertureBernard Herrmann2:00
54.The Adventures of Robin Hood SuiteErich Wolfgang Korngold14:40
55.The Alamo SuiteDimitri Tiomkin5:19
56.The Charge of the Light Brigade SuiteMax Steiner9:57
57.The Day the Earth Stood Still SuiteBernard Herrmann14:01
58.The Guns of Navarone SuiteDimitri Tiomkin9:33
59.The Man With the Golden Arm SuiteElmer Bernstein15:00
60.The Mark of Zorro SuiteAlfred Newman7:21
61.The Robe Main TitleAlfred Newman1:23
62.The Robe Love ThemeAlfred Newman2:12
63.The Robe Finale, HallelujahAlfred Newman1:57
64.The Sea Hawk SuiteErich Wolfgang Korngold11:27
65.The Searchers ThemeMax Steiner3:00
66.The Seven Samurai SuiteFumio Hayasaka11:16
67.The Ten Commandments Main ThemeElmer Bernstein5:51
68.The Ten Commandments Exodus Scene ThemeElmer Bernstein7:27
69.The Thief of Bagdad Suite 1Miklós Rózsa10:17
70.The Thief of Bagdad Suite 2Miklós Rózsa7:44
71.The Time Machine SuiteRussell Garcia7:14
72.The Wrong Man PreludeBernard Herrmann2:06
73.The Young Lions Man ThemeHugo Friedhofer2:01
74.Twelve O'Clock High ThemeAlfred Newman1:51
75.Vertigo ThemeBernard Herrmann6:28
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