Music from Ys I&II Chronicles PC-88 Mode

Game soundtrack | Release date: 07/24/2013 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
3.Fountain of Love1:07
4.The Syonin0:47
5.Tears of Sylph0:52
6.First Step Towards Wars2:20
9.Holders of Power1:33
10.Palace of Destruction2:18
11.Beat of the Terror3:02
12.Tower of the Shadow of Death2:19
13.Chase of Shadow1:08
14.Devil's Wind0:21
17.The Last Moment of the Dark2:08
18.Final Battle1:15
19.Rest in Peace0:38
20.The Morning Grow1:56
21.See You Again2:41
22.Open Your Heart1:25
23.To Make the End of Battle1:51
25.Too Full With Love3:20
26.Apathetic Story0:48
27.May I Help You ?0:38
28.Feel Blue1:20
29.Ruins of Moondoria1:31
30.Noble District of Toal2:29
31.Rest in Peace0:41
32.Cavern of Rasteenie2:14
34.Ice Ridge of Noltia2:15
35.Inside of the Ice Wall0:41
36.Moat of Burnedbless2:38
37.Tender People2:19
38.Fair Wind1:43
39.Palace of Salmon1:57
40.Subterranean Canal2:42
41.Companile of Lane2:44
42.Battle Ground1:13
43.Over Drive1:17
44.Pressure Road1:04
45.Don't Go So Smoothly!0:43
48.A Still Time2:21
49.Stay With Me Forever2:37
50.So Much for Today1:01
51.Fair Wind (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)1:45
52.Shining Star (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)0:43
53.Dreaming (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)2:27
54.Chase of Shadow (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)1:06
55.Church (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)0:47
56.Over Drive (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)1:14
57.Departure (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)2:38
58.Crossroad of Sadness (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)1:41
59.Battle Ground (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)1:11
60.Mysterious Moment (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)1:23
61.Theme of Adoru (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)1:29
62.Dead-End Street (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)1:07
63.Sub-Mission (PC-8801) (Bonus Track)1:52
64.Devil's Step (Bonus Track)0:46
65.In the Memory (Bonus Track)4:27
66.Fly With Me (Bonus Track)3:53
67.Lost Time (Bonus Track)2:40
68.Olden Nostalgic Shop (Bonus Track)1:01
69.Shining Star (PC-9801) (Bonus Track)0:43
70.Church (PC-9801) (Bonus Track)0:49
71.Crossroad of Sadness (PC-9801) (Bonus Track)1:45
72.Mysterious Moment (PC-9801) (Bonus Track)1:25
73.Theme of Adoru (PC-9801) (Bonus Track)1:32
74.Dead-End Street (PC-9801) (Bonus Track)1:08
75.Sub-Mission (PC-9801) (Bonus Track)1:51
76.Ys1 Eternal -Opening- (Bonus Track)3:53
77.Game Over (Ys1) (Bonus Track)0:15
78.Treasure Box (Ys1) (Bonus Track)0:04
79.Treasure Box (Ys2) (Bonus Track)0:05
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