Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar - Part 1

Game soundtrack | Release date: 10/29/2013 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Come With Me Stranger2:32
2.Another Has Arrived1:18
3.The Hero's Call (Title Overture)2:52
4.Baptized by Rain1:19
5.Hail, Lady of Britannia3:18
6.We Adventure Onward3:47
7.The Weep Consumes All3:21
8.I Shall Covet Yours3:48
9.Shame of the Uncovered2:33
10.Deceit Within the Mist3:10
11.Despise the Light, Live in Shadows2:23
12.The Dastard Sneers3:17
13.Lost in the Fog of Hythloth2:52
14.We March in Boastful Pride3:16
15.I Can Feel Something's Wrong2:42
16.Full of Honour (Trinsic)3:08
17.Service in Humility (Cove)2:20
18.Unbending Valour (Jhelom)3:31
19.The Coming Sacrifice (Minoc)3:29
20.Honesty to Oneself (Moonglow)2:28
21.Lifted Upward in Spirit (Skara Brae)2:54
22.Value in Justice (Yew)2:33
23.Comfort of Compassion (Britain)2:47
24.Wanderer's Tavern2:39
25.Virtue Calls to Me2:59
26.Threads to the Past1:54
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