Mass Effect 3: Citadel

Game soundtrack | Release date: 10/08/2013 | Format: Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.I Dream of SushiSascha Dikiciyan Cris Velasco0:52
2.Shepard FallsSascha Dikiciyan Cris Velasco0:38
3.Citadel UnderbellySascha Dikiciyan Cris Velasco3:49
4.Team RescueSascha Dikiciyan Cris Velasco0:29
5.Casino MysterySascha Dikiciyan Cris Velasco1:05
6.Archival KnowledgeSascha Dikiciyan Cris Velasco2:29
7.Piracy!Sascha Dikiciyan Cris Velasco1:41
8.The Anti-ShepardSascha Dikiciyan Cris Velasco2:14
9.Battle Within, Battle WithoutSascha Dikiciyan Cris Velasco2:07
10.The End...Sascha Dikiciyan Cris Velasco1:01
11.Shepard's TangoSam Hulick1:48
12.Liara's ThemeSam Hulick1:29
13.Joker's Fifteen MinutesSam Hulick1:20
14.Lost in YouSam Hulick0:59
15.Combat Simulator Tier 1Sam Hulick1:20
16.Combat Simulator Tier 2Sam Hulick1:26
17.Combat Simulator Tier 3Sam Hulick1:20
18.Combat Simulator Tier 4Sam Hulick1:27
19.Combat Simulator MirrorSam Hulick2:01
20.Farewell and Into the InevitableSam Hulick2:00
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