Shattered Sky

Movie | Release date: 09/12/2013 | Film release: 2012 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.The Ozone Hole Changes Everything1:38
2.Shattered Sky (Discovery)1:53
3.Antarctic Adventure1:42
4.The American Moment1:34
5.Montreal Protocol 13:07
6.A Propensity for Action2:48
7.Like Science Fiction1:48
8.Shattered Sky (Diplomacy)2:25
9.Change in a Heartbeat2:26
10.Our Grandchildren's Atmosphere2:02
11.Like Ozone for Climate2:01
13.The Old to the New2:16
15.Shattered Sky (Piano)1:33
16.A Scientific Basis1:12
18.Montreal Protocol 21:53
19.Energy Efficiency2:26
20.Shattered Sky Theme2:23
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