Amnesia: a Machine for Pigs

Game soundtrack | Release date: 09/10/2013 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.This Dawning Epoch0:10
2.New Year's Eve1:56
3.Mandus Awakes1:08
4.Fever Dream0:27
5.From Tide to Spine2:10
6.The Children0:50
7.In Lily's Honour0:52
9.Empty Cots0:24
10.These Hands Are Bleeding2:06
12.Compound X1:29
13.Ahead to Still Waters2:06
14.Paper Soul0:06
15.The Descent Begins2:10
16.Edwin and Enoch0:50
17.The Factory Gates1:18
18.Nest of Eggs1:59
19.The Flood2:11
20.We Are the Pig0:32
21.The Church1:33
23.Music of the Spheres1:01
24.Feeding in the Dark0:41
25.The Alley1:20
26.Bilge Pump2:12
27.Lifting the Veil1:03
28.Set Them Free0:08
29.Mors Praematura1:37
30.I Want My Children0:14
31.The Streets of London0:22
32.Downward Ever0:50
33.The Stoking2:05
34.Christ Have Mercy0:41
35.Mandus Descending Amongst the Spirits0:49
36.My Work Is Begun0:44
37.This Leaking World0:55
38.Clockwork Soul3:05
39.Ever Mine0:52
40.Can You See Us Daddy?1:47
42.Only to Save You0:24
43.Dieses Herz2:33
44.The New Century1:52
45.I Breathe Again0:27
46.A Machine for Pigs0:42
47.A Child's Shadow1:35
48.The New Century Dawns1:52
49.When I Was a Laddy2:48
50.This Heart1:10
51.This Little Piggy1:19
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