Two Worlds II

Game soundtrack | Release date: 09/20/2013 | Film release: 2010 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Two Worlds II: Theme2:00
2.Trail of Hatmandor3:30
3.The Golden Cliff3:00
4.Dragon Queen2:05
5.Brooding Lands3:40
6.Jungle of Antaloor0:58
7.Heart of the Wild2:10
8.A Far East Dream1:44
9.New Ashos2:47
10.Edge of Darkness3:28
11.Grave March3:00
12.Lands of Despair2:16
13.Road to Temptation2:46
14.New World1:03
15.Voices from the Past3:23
16.Veneficus University1:20
17.Hounted Grounds3:45
18.Sands and Blood1:42
19.Eastern Falvours2:13
20.Desert Traces1:32
21.Into the Mist2:15
22.Green Fields of Antaloor4:38
23.Ad Mortem2:08
24.Play With Me, My Fellow!2:03
25.Under Canvas2:25
26.Two Worlds II Theme (Reprise)4:04
27.Two Worlds II-Theme -The Road is still long3:09
28.Little Teardrop4:52
29.Two Worlds II Rock Vocal Theme4:06
30.Tavern 010:55
31.Tavern 020:56
32.Tavern 031:10
33.Tavern 041:05
34.Tavern 051:03
35.Tavern 060:49
36.Tavern 071:04
37.Tavern 081:26
38.Tavern 090:58
39.Tavern 100:53
40.Tavern 111:01
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