Saints Row IV

Game soundtrack | Release date: 08/27/2013 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Saints Row IV3:11
2.The Destroyer0:58
3.Northwest City2:58
4.Zero Saints Thirty1:35
5.Zin Ship Awakening0:29
6.Emperor Zinyak1:49
7.The Briefing0:31
8.Northeast City2:58
9.Hunting Mr. X1:35
10.My Saints in a Box1:32
11.The Case of Mr. X1:55
12.Northwest Drone II0:48
13.Northwest City II3:05
14.Not in Steelport Anymore0:23
15.Search for Kinzie1:44
16.Zin Battle1:28
17.The Warden Arrival2:41
18.Saints of Rage - Stage 11:14
19.Saints of Rage - Stage 21:41
20.Saints of Rage - Stage 32:11
21.Matt's Text Adventure1:41
22.Downtown City2:58
23.Matt's Simulation1:40
25.Southwest Drone2:20
26.Southwest City1:56
27.Shaundi's Nightmare1:00
28.Power up C.I.D.2:04
29.Going Home Again2:26
30.King Me3:05
31.The Saints Wing I2:22
32.The Saints Wing II1:24
33.Downtown City II2:34
35.The Power of Armor2:50
36.Matt's Escape1:15
37.Southwest Drone II1:19
38.Southwest City II2:27
39.Saints Victory1:25
40.The Saints Flow1:24
41.Northeast City II3:05
42.Let's Get This Shit Started1:19
43.The Ultimate Badass1:16
44.Saints Row (The Remix)2:49
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