The Ark of Napishtim

Game soundtrack | Release date: 06/26/2013 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
2.Release of the Far West Ocean1:42
3.Gratitude for Nature's Blessings6:11
4.The Akindo2:27
5.Quatera Woods4:10
6.Mighty Obstacle3:54
7.Ultramarine Deep4:51
8.Reconciled People5:15
9.Windslash Steps5:04
10.Mountain Zone3:01
11.Ruins of Amnesia5:12
12.The Zemeth Sanctum2:58
13.Overwater Drive5:46
14.The Pirate Ship3:16
15.Maelstrom Release: Invasion of Romn Fleet- Falcom Sound Team jdk1:04
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Under the Occupation3:40
2.The Fleet of Romn3:39
3.Defend! and Escape!4:23
4.The Successor of Almarion2:32
5.The Ark of Napishtim Revival: Maelstrom Rebirth- Falcom Sound Team jdk2:03
6.The Ruined City 'Kishgal'5:37
7.Pressure Stairs2:09
8.Armored Bane3:14
10.Black Ark Unveiled5:37
11.The Depth Napishtim4:42
12.Collapse of the Ark of Napishtim1:25
13.Protection of Zemeth1:22
14.Spread Blue View4:33
15.The Moonset Shore2:26
16.So Much for Today1:17
17.Olha: Long Version: (Bonus Track)1:11
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