Black Emmanuelle Collection

Movie | Release date: 07/25/2013 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.Emanuelle's theme 
2.Of your body 
3.Emanuelle's theme 
4.Samba safari 
5.Sudden ride 
6.Black rhythum 
7.Wild cry 
8.Emanuelle's theme 
9.Sudden ride 
12.Emanuelle's theme 
13.Hawaian sand 
14.Emanuelle's theme 
15.Samba safari 
16.Skin in the wind 
17.Flute and skin 
18.Rhythum again 
19.Emanuelle's dream 
20.Un amore impossibile 
21.Emanuelle's theme 
22.Wild strength 
23.Wild strength 
24.Emanuelle's theme 
25.The rhythum goes on 
26.Emanuelle's theme 
27.Skin to skin 
28.Emanuelle's theme 
29.Skin in the wind 
30.Black rhythum 
31.Wild cry 
32.Wild strenght 
34.Skin to skin 
# Track   Duration
1.Celebrate myself 
2.On the stage 
3.Vergin sign 
4.Twelve girls 
5.Emanuelle in America sweet 
6.Venice dawn 
7.Emanuelle in America sweet 
8.I celebrate myself (instrumental) 
9.Hot phone call 
11.Hidden pictures 
12.I celebrate myself (instrumental) 
13.Revulsion tango 
14.So it pleases you 
15.Flee Emanuelle 
16.Emanuelle in America dream 
17.Something strong 
18.In the nest 
19.Queen for a joke 
20.I celebrate myself 
21.Venice reportage 
22.Your solstice 
23.Emanuelle in America theme 
# Track   Duration
1.Like A Sailing Ship 
2.Of Your Body 
3.Thailand Sweet Sound 
5.Sweet Feeling (Part Two) 
6.Thailand Market Theme 
8.Sweet Bossa 
9.Ping Pong Dance 
10.Red Hot Wax 
11.Sweet Living Thing 
12.Sweet Feeling (Part One) 
13.Sudden Ride 
14.Sweet's Variations 
15.Emanuelle's Theme 
16.Bellies Orient Dance 
17.Like A Sailing Ship 
18.Arabian Evasion Theme 
19.Orient Riders 
20.Body To Body 
21.Sweet Feeling 
# Track   Duration
1.Where to begin? 
2.A picture of love 
3.A picture of love (instrum.) 
4.Where is your guru? 
5.Going to meditation 
6.Confused girl 
7.Concentrate on your mantra 
8.Picturing the guru 
9.Kamasutra in love 
10.I am love 
11.Good morning Emanuelle 
12.Beatiful terrace 
13.Three girls in Rome 
14.Roma che se sveja 
15.White slaves 
16.Two in the closet 
17.Get in the car 
18.Tehran affair 
19.Behind the door 
21.A seeming man 
22.Dancing slave 
23.Bastards at work 
24.A picture of love 
25.My boundless 
26.Eternal anguish 
27.Kamasutra in love 
28.A picture of love (instrum.) 
29.A picture of love (instrum.) 
31.Come back rhythm 
32.A seeming man 
33.Your oppression 
# Track   Duration
1.Make love on the wing 
2.The dark side of the soul 
3.Make love on the wing 
4.Wild nightmare 
5.Make love on the wing 
6.Make love on the wing 
7.Wild nightmare 
8.The meal is over 
9.Make love on the wing 
11.Make love on the wing 
12.Cannibals in pursuit 
13.Waiting for the cannibals 
15.Cannibals in pursuit 
16.Waiting for the cannibals 
17.Make love on the wing 
18.Cannibals' dance 
19.Cannibals at work 
20.Make love on the wing 
21.The meal is over 
22.Cannibals in pursuit 
23.Make love on the wing 
24.Wild nightmare 
25.The dark side of the soul 
26.Make love on the wing 
27.Cannibals in pursuit 
28.The dark side of the soul 
29.Cannibals in pursuit 
30.Make love on the wing 
# Track   Duration
1.Run cheetah run 
2.A modern reportage 
3.Sweet disco funky 
4.Dee doom be doom 
6.Performing joy 
7.Too much again 
8.Too much piano 
9.Run cheetah run (Base) 
11.A modern reportage 
12.A modern reportage 
13.Red room 
14.Lady surprise 
15.Lady surprise 
16.Reporter in action 
17.Lady fighting 
18.Strange hospital 
19.Run Cheetah run 
20.A modern reportage 
21.Performing joy 
22.Too much again 
24.Lady surprise 
25.Laundry Van (Out take) 
# Track   Duration
1.Music for the Black Queen (interview with Joe D'Amato, Laura Gemser, Nico Fidenco and Giacomo Dell'Orso) 
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