Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Colosseum (4005939697822)
Varèse Sarabande (030206697827)
Movie | Release date: 06/23/2009 | Film release: 2009 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Code Blue1:44
3.Leaving the Herd1:50
4.The Cavern0:33
5.Magic Eggs0:13
6.Egg Roll2:08
7.The Cliff0:19
8.Sid’s Kids1:36
11.Scrat Finds Furry Love0:41
13.Entry to Lost World1:36
14.Dinosaur Vista0:34
15.Meet Buck2:59
16.Flower of Death2:49
17.Nose Job1:35
19.Chasm of Death0:22
20.Big Smelly Crack3:10
21.We Shall Raise Them Vegetarian2:20
22.Campfire Stories1:19
24.Nite Nite0:45
25.You’ll Never Tango0:48
26.Herd Crossing0:37
27.Plates of Woe3:58
28.Battle Cry0:16
29.Buck’s Theme0:38
31.Over the Falls0:13
33.Alone AgainChad Fischer1:54
34.To the Portal0:54
35.Rudy Fight2:12
37.Out of This World0:33
38.Buck Returns1:08
39.Welcome to the Ice Age1:58
40.At Home with the Scrats0:26
41.The Call of the Siren Acorn0:16
42.True Love for Our Hero0:23
43.End Credits7:00
44.You’ll Never Find Another Love Like MineLou Rawls4:26
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