Star Trek: Insurrection
Expanded Collector's Edition

Movie | Release date: 08/06/2013 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.Ba'ku Village6:53
2.Out of Orbit / Take Us In1:44
3.Come Out2:34
4.In Custody1:14
5.Warp Capability / The Planet / Children's Story2:33
6.The Holodeck4:35
7.How Old Are You / New Sight6:14
8.Lost Ship / Prepare the Ship2:39
9.As Long as We Can1:40
10.Not Functioning / Send Your Ships2:55
11.Growing Up / Wild Flowers / Photon Torpedo2:55
12.The Drones Attack4:15
13.The Riker Maneuver3:15
14.Stay With Me1:48
15.The Same Race2:50
16.The Collector1:10
17.No Threat4:18
18.Tractor Beam0:38
19.The Healing Process (revised)5:04
20.The Healing Process (original version)7:17
21.End Credits5:30
22.Ba'ku Village (alternate ending)3:53
23.The Holodeck (alternate opening)1:12
24.Growing Up (alternate)1:21
25.Tractor Beam (alternate)0:38
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