Movie | Release date: 07/23/2013 | Film release: 2013 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Indy 500 (Score Album Version)1:38
2.Another Day At The Plant (Score Album Version)2:52
3.Snail vs. Mower (Score Album Version)3:38
4.Despondent (Score Album Version)2:04
5.Supersnail (Score Album Version)1:46
6.Alarming Changes (Score Album Version)1:00
7.Shell Crusher (Score Album Version)2:40
8.Crow Attack! (Score Album Version)1:34
9.Meet The Competition (Score Album Version)2:39
10.Taco Dreamer (Score Album Version)1:15
11.Those Guys Are Awesome (Score Album Version)1:19
12.Daydreaming (Score Album Version)3:18
13.Ride Of A Lifetime (Score Album Version)1:22
14.Arrival At Indianapolis (Score Album Version)3:36
15.You Got A Plan? (Score Album Version)1:00
16.Guy Gagn (Score Album Version)3:44
17.To The Starting Line (Score Album Version)3:08
18.Snail Up (Score Album Version)1:52
19.The Race Is On (Score Album Version)4:36
20.Tuck & Roll (Score Album Version)4:20
21.And It Looks Like The Winner Is? (Score Album Version)2:15
22.Mollusk Upgrade (Score Album Version)1:12
23.Turbo (Score Album Version)2:48
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