Una Bella Grinta

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Movie | Release date: 07/22/2013 | Film release: 1965 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
The Original Album
1.Una Bella Grinta4:06
2.Ballata Della Bassa Padana1:36
3.Brass Fugato4:12
4.Treno Di Notte2:37
5.Jazz Alla Vivaldi4:26
6.Ballata Della Bassa Padana1:24
7.Una Bella Grinta5:03
8.Ballata Della Bassa Padana4:43
10.Sequenze Autostrada5:15
11.Free Theme3:06
12.Ballata Della Bassa Padana1:52
13.Hammond Blues2:38
Bonus Tracks
14.Una Bella Grinta1:57
15.Free Theme2:08
16.Una Bella Grinta1:13
17.Ballata Della Bassa Padana1:44
18.Ballata Della Bassa Padana1:39
19.Jazz Alla Vivaldi (Alt.Take)1:48
20.Ballata Della Bassa Padana (Alt.Take)3:23
21.Una Bella Grinta1:21
22.Ballata Della Bassa Padana1:45
23.Una Bella Grinta3:25
24.Una Bella Grinta (Striptease)1:34
25.Una Bella Grinta2:06
26.Brass Fugato (Film Version)3:45
27.Una Bella Grinta (Titoli Di Testa Canzone)2:23
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Digitmovies, in collaboration with the Sugar Group, is pleased to present on CD, the full version of the OST by Piero Umiliani for the movie The reckless directed in 1965 by Giuliano Montaldo and starring Renato Salvatori , Norma Bengell, Antonio Segurini, Giuliano Montaldo, Alberto Mesi, Enrico Rame, Celso Fava, Dino Fontanesi, Umberto Juli, Marina Malfatti, Vito Cipolla, Gino Agostini, Primo Baratella, Bereno Bartolini, Loris Serra, Luciano Serra, Raffaele Triggia, Iginio Marchesini, Antonio Domenighini. The ambition to go up in the scale of social values and the pathological desire for money, are personal circumstances of Ettore Zambrini (Salvatori). The man would like to make his fortune in Bologna and dissatisfied that he owns a small textile company, manufactures a grand factory, despite being financially weak. Even with Luciana (Bengell), Zambrini had a selfish attitude of ownership that subsequently lead to the separation from his wife and her betrayal with a student. When Luciana agrees to come back to him, Ettore is in the midst of his financial crisis, which forces him to seek any pretext for not sinking completely. At the same time the feisty industrialist manages to discover the identity of the young lover of Luciana. He gets rid of the opponent with extreme violence and with great willpower carries on the business. In the end the protagonist will see his name triumph at the new factory, thus beginning a new life of luxury. The great Piero Umiliani wrote one of the most beautiful Jazz / Blues comments of his long and prolific career, performed by Gato Barbieri band and with exceptional soloists (as shown in the Main credits of the film) Barbieri - Rava - DAndrea - Foccia - Munari. At the time C.A.M. published a 33 rpm (CMS 30 -131) containing thirteen tracks in mono with a duration of 42:28. The song of the main credits, played by Don Powell, appeared only on the single by Ricordi (SRL 10-380). In 2009 Cinedelic Records has reissued the same material as the 33 rpm record on CD for the first time ever in a limited edition of 500 copies (also on vinyl). For our CD (TT 73:16) we could use the mono master tapes of the original session that allowed us to discover new 28:21 minutes and to also include the rare vocal version of the single, all restored and digitally remastered. This CD definitely wants to pay tribute to the incomparable music art of Piero Umiliani.

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