The Legend of Heroes Sora No Kiseki
The 3rd Original Soundtrack

Game soundtrack | Release date: 07/03/2013 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Cry for Me, Cry for You Opening Version1:48
2.Luxury Airship 'Lusitania'1:40
4.Singularity of the Origin3:12
5.The Stone of Recluse1:33
6.Uninvited Guests1:22
7.Fighting Right On1:44
8.This Is the Real Power!0:52
9.The Garden of Recluse3:41
10.The Circular Corridor2:09
11.Determination of Fight2:03
12.Close to the Brink1:30
13.Genuine Devil3:06
14.Oh Goddess, Have Mercy...2:06
15.Cradle Where Feelings Rest1:56
16.Parallel Universe3:18
17.The Castle At Dusk2:12
18.I've Forgotten You1:44
19.Golden Road, Silvery Road2:08
20.Something Precious1:47
21.Illusionary Blue Flower2:21
22.A Still World2:39
23.Beard the Lion in His Den2:45
24.The Crimson Stigma1:46
25.The King of Shadows2:09
# Track   Duration
1.Labyrinth of Light and Shadow2:39
2.The Black Ark2:32
3.Aster House2:47
5.Stairway to Gehenna4:04
6.The Abyss2:43
7.Masquerade of Lies3:13
8.The Last Choice3:28
9.Overdosing Heavenly Bliss2:10
10.Majestic Appearance Towering in the Wilderness3:23
11.Phantom Castle 'Phantasmagoria'3:56
12.In the Manner of God3:01
13.Cry for Your Eternity2:26
14.Banquet of Frenzy3:02
15.Dreamy and Boisterous Holy Land4:28
16.To Meet Again Someday2:37
17.Sora O Miagete Ending Version5:55
18.A Faint Glitter of Light2:05
19.Wildcat's Counteroffensive Operation2:00
20.Forever Great Angler King1:44
21.Till the Night of Glory1:56
22.Mood of the Goddess Depends On Luck2:05
23.Sora No Nazo Ha Kiseki De Pon!1:36
24.Cry for Me, Cry for You4:27
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