Macross Plus
Original Soundtrack II

ANIMEtrax (0742617930423)
Movie | Released: 2001 | Film release: 1994 | Format: CD

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Idol TalkGabriela Robin5:39
3.Nomad Soul2:58
4.Welcome To Sparefish2:52
5.Go Ri A Te3:55
6.Let's News0:27
7.PulseGabriela Robin5:22
8.3 cm4:17
9.Voices (acoustic version)Wakako Kaku4:12
10.Pu Qua O3:21
11.Sweet Feather2:18
12.A Sai EnGabriela Robin1:22
13.Bad Dog3:55
14.Child Myung3:07
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