100 Original Tracks Remastered

Movie | Release date: 05/01/2013 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.The James Bond Theme1:48
2.Beat Girl (Main Title from "Beat Girl")1:48
3.The Magnificent Seven1:57
4.Unchained Melody2:27
5.Spanish Harlem2:23
6.Never Let Go (Theme from "Never Let Go")2:10
7.Beat for Beatniks (Theme from "Beat Girl")2:09
8.Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White1:59
9.Lost Patrol2:06
10.Little John1:43
11.Bee's Knees2:09
12.Cutty Sark (Dateline TV Theme)2:41
13.Pancho (With Latin American Accompaniment)2:03
14.It Doesn't Matter Anymore1:54
15.Blueberry Hill1:44
16.Rocco's Theme (Theme from "Rocco & his Friends")2:05
17.Theme from "Roman Spring of Mrs Stone'")2:01
19.Let's Have a Wonderful Time1:56
20.Every Which Way2:33
21.Rock-A-Billy Boogie1:48
22.Zip Zip2:05
23.Three Little Fishes1:50
24.You've Gotta Way2:00
25.Hideaway (With Latin American Accompaniment)2:09
26.Jamaica Jazz1:08
27.Big Guitar2:52
29.Blues for Beatniks (Theme from "Beat Girl")2:10
30.When the Saints Go Marching in1:48
31.Long John2:24
32.Snap 'n' Whistle2:06
33.For Pete's Sake1:44
34.Rebel Rouser1:57
35.It's Legal (Theme from "Beat Girl") (feat. Shirley Anne Field)1:43
36.Mab Mab2:00
37.Good Rockin' Tonight1:38
38.Twelfth Street Rag1:36
39.Christella (Theme from "Beat Girl")2:03
40.Audio Bongo1:33
41.Hit and Miss (Theme from "Beat Girl")2:02
42.Rockin' Already1:54
43.Walk Don't Run2:16
44.I'm Moving On1:51
45.Johnny Comes Marching Home (feat. Adam Faith)2:04
46.Saturday's Child2:31
47.Jamaican Rock2:05
49.Black Stockings2:22
50.Get Lost Jack Frost1:41
51.The Beat Girl Song (Theme from "Beat Girl") (feat. Adam Faith)1:37
52.Skid Row1:53
53.Dark Rider2:12
54.Iron Horse2:20
55.Do No's Theme2:02
56.The Menace2:04
57.A Matter of Who2:26
58.The Sharks (Theme from "Beat Girl")2:20
60.Sweet Talk2:04
61.Moody River2:24
62.There's Life in the Old Boy Yet1:53
63.A Handful of Songs1:55
64.Made You (Theme from "Beat Girl") (feat. Adam Faith)1:44
65.Like Waltz2:19
66.Donna's Theme2:07
67.Big Fella (Theme from "Beat Girl")2:13
69.Baubles, Bangles and Beads1:51
70.Kingston Calypso2:31
72.The Stripper (Theme from "Beat Girl")2:44
73.Man from Madrid1:48
74.The Challenge2:33
75.Blondie's Strip2:03
76.Watch Your Step2:21
77.Jump Up2:13
78.Twist It2:04
79.The Off Beat (Theme from "Beat Girl")1:33
80.Island Speaks3:23
81.Satin Smooth2:33
83.Under the Mango Tree2:44
84.I Did What You Told Me (Theme from "Beat Girl") (feat. Adam Faith)1:54
85.Boy's Chase1:34
86.Love At Last1:53
87.Twisting With James3:12
88.March of the Mandarins3:06
89.Smokey Joe1:59
91.The City 2000 a.D. (Theme from "Beat Girl")2:22
92.The Blacksmith Blues2:12
93.The Party's Over2:51
94.Car Chase- Night Chase2:36
95.The Immediate Pleasure3:35
97.Lindon Home Rock (Theme from "Beat Girl")1:57
98.Medley: The Cave / Beat Girl / Kids Stuff (Theme from "Beat Girl")2:32
99.Dr. No's Fantasy1:43
100.End Shot - Slaughter in Soho (Main Titles from "Beat Girl")2:48
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