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Armitage III: Dual-Matrix / Poly-Matrix

Geneon/Pioneer (0013023518025)
Movie | Release date: 06/25/2002 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
Armitage III: Dual-Matrix by Julian Mack
1.Armitage Theme 
4.The First Error 
5.Strings The Fighter 
6.Demetrio's Plot 
7.Mother's Love 
8.Heaven's Door 
9.Ross' Battle 
11.Robots & Humans 
12.The Chase 
13.Armitage Theme-Orchestral 
14.Mouse-Genius Network 
15.A Plot 
16.Armitage Theme-Saving Yoko 
17.For The Future Of Mars 
18.Replicas Vs. Armitage 
19.Ocean On Mars 
20.Red Planet (ending) 
21.Armitage-Near Me (bonus track) 
22.Baby Yoko (bonus track) 
# Track   Duration
Armitage III: Poly-Matrix by Hiroyuki Namba
1.Down In Mars4:06
2.Armitage Main theme4:30
3.Second Type5:00
5.The Killer4:53
6.A City Without Sunshine4:09
7.Phantom World3:59
8.Cyber Transmission1:22
9.Armitage the Short1:09
10.A Tear of Cyborg2:14
13.A Crystal Drop3:14
14.More Agressive4:26
15.Cyber Battle3:56
16.Silent War5:20
17.Multi-Matrix (Ending Theme)4:38
18.Here With you4:33
19.Cheat! Cheat!4:14
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