La Banca di Monate

DigitSoundtracks (8032628992377)
Movie | Release date: 06/25/2013 | Film release: 1975 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 12:27
2.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 21:24
3.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 31:47
4.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 42:19
5.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 52:28
6.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 61:24
7.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 72:44
8.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 82:46
9.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 91:36
10.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 103:54
11.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 112:15
12.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 121:57
13.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 132:08
14.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 143:07
15.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 152:08
16.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 162:32
17.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 171:15
18.La Banca Di Monate - Seq. 182:28
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Digitmovies presents, for the very first time on CD, the complete and pleasant OST, in full stereo, by the late great M Armando Trovajoli for the comedy movie with grotesque tones La banca di Monate (Aka Bank of Monate) directed in 1975 by Francesco Massaro and starring Walter Chiari, Vincent Gardenia, Magali Nol, Gigi Ballista, Paolo Bonacelli, Luigi Diberti, Giorgio Del Bene, Quinto Parmeggiani, Lia Tanzi. To defend his interests and enhance them with the savings of the citizens, Santino Paleari (Gardenia), a confectionery manufacturer in the town of Monate, has founded a bank where the director is in fact the accountant Adelmo Pigorini (Chiari). The new chief who gets easily betrayed by his wife Melissa (Nol), looks for a safe place in the country in the Varese area, where he has been welcomed, by offering his daughter Simona to the degenerate Carletto Paleari. After the marriage coup has failed, the bank is targeted by bandits behind whom the Sicilian mobster Dr. Massera (Bonacelli) hides. Through the ever-growing operations of the boss, Monate is easily reached by the highway and rises to the rank of an industrial town. So Pigorini, threatened with bankruptcy, manipulates a robbery in order to work it in his own favor: after Paleari dies as a result of all these events, Massera creates a solid empire; Mr. Adelmo becomes president in place of the deceased Paleari. For this CD (duration 41:21), assembled at the Beat Records Studios, that sincerely wants to pay homage to the Maestro Trovajoli, the stereo master tapes of the sessions were used which gave us the chance to use every recorded note with arrangements done by Renato Serio who also conducted the orchestra. Maestro Trovajoli has written a brilliant main theme which emerges as a baroque march that the composer reprises, alternating it with romantic, funny and sometimes mysterious motifs. We thank our friends at Beat Records for giving us the opportunity to issue an unreleased OST of an immense composer who is always with us thanks to his wonderful musical heritage.

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