The Bionic Woman: The Return of Bigfoot Part 2

TV Series/TV film | Release date: 08/12/2012 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Return of Bigfoot Part One Recap2:11
2.Bionic Woman Main Title (Unused Version)1:23
3.Opening Credits/Helicopter Ride2:02
4.Jaime Drops In/Jaime vs. Bigfoot/Arrival At San Angelo7:30
5.Entering the Complex/Bionic Hand Crank1:18
6.Steve Is Dying/Shalonís Choice1:26
7.Jaime vs. Bigfoot - Round 22:31
8.Gillian Visits Steve0:58
9.Volcano/Jaime and Bigfoot/Gillian Appears2:20
10.Healing Steve/Shalon Faints1:42
11.Jaime Tunnelling/Act Out0:46
12.Steve Awakens/Breaking Through/Volcano0:58
13.Steve vs. Bigfoot/Bionic Action5:49
14.Bionic Trio/Things Heat Up/Heroic Bigfoot5:25
15.Shalon in Stasis/Steve and Jaime3:18
16.Bionic Woman End Credit0:32
17.Entering the Complex (Alternate Version)0:22
18.Bionic Hand Crank (Alternate Version)1:00
19.Steve Is Dying (Alternate Version)0:47
20.Healing Steve/Shalon Faints (Alternate Version)1:43
21.Jaime's Action Theme (Tymp Solo)0:29
22.Jaime's Action Theme (Tymp Solo, Faster)0:28
23.Jaime's Action Theme (Tymp and Piano Solos)0:34
24.Jaime's Action Theme (Tymp and Piano Solos, Faster)0:26
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