Metro: Last Light

Game soundtrack | Release date: 06/25/2013 | Format: Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.2033Alexey Omelchuk0:59
2.RedemptionAlexey Omelchuk0:55
3.D6 SixstringAlexey Omelchuk0:52
4.SpartaAlexey Omelchuk3:02
5.The Doors of D6Alexey Omelchuk1:13
6.The Doors of D6Alexey Omelchuk1:13
7.The Old LawAlexey Omelchuk0:37
8.ReichAlexey Omelchuk1:01
9.EscapeAlexey Omelchuk1:00
10.ChaseAlexey Omelchuk1:43
11.On the Ground!Alexey Omelchuk1:00
12.WoundedAlexey Omelchuk0:45
13.EchoesAlexey Omelchuk1:58
14.Found a Shotgun...Alexey Omelchuk2:45
15.Cabaret IAlexey Omelchuk1:04
16.Cabaret IIAlexey Omelchuk0:41
17.Cabaret IIIAlexey Omelchuk0:50
18.Metro BluesAlexey Omelchuk2:17
19.Metro SaxAlexey Omelchuk1:45
20.Redline Marching SongAlexey Omelchuk1:06
21.AnomalyAlexey Omelchuk2:18
22.StalkingAlexey Omelchuk3:22
23.ReginaAlexey Omelchuk1:00
24.Venice VicesAlexey Omelchuk2:15
25.Private DanceAlexey Omelchuk1:54
26.PavelAlexey Omelchuk0:22
27.SundownAlexey Omelchuk1:10
28.No One Walks HereAlexey Omelchuk0:28
29.The PrisonerAlexey Omelchuk1:19
30.Dark ChildAlexey Omelchuk0:43
31.River of FateAlexey Omelchuk1:03
32.Dead Red SquareAlexey Omelchuk0:43
33.CorpsesAlexey Omelchuk0:20
34.The ForestAlexey Omelchuk2:58
35.GhostsAlexey Omelchuk1:53
36.DrumsAlexey Omelchuk0:57
37.Sparta IIAlexey Omelchuk3:11
38.Last StandAlexey Omelchuk1:47
39.Piano ThemeAlexey Omelchuk0:59
40.Enter the MetroAlexey Omelchuk1:39
41.Artyom's TapeAlexey Omelchuk2:06
42.Menu ThemeAlexey Omelchuk0:44
43.Beyond the NightmaresAranrut7:00
46.My HateAranrut6:29
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