James Bond Soundtracks
You Only Live Twice / Thunderball / On Her Majesty's Secret Service

EMI Records UK (0724359184425)
Movie | Release date: 09/15/2003 | Format: CD

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
You Only Live Twice (1967)
1.You Only Live Twice - Title SongNancy Sinatra2:45
2.Capsule In Space2:42
3.Fight At Kobe Dock - Helga4:01
4.Tanaka's World2:05
5.A Drop In The Ocean2:58
6.The Death of Aki4:19
7.Mointains and Sunsets3:09
8.The Wedding2:45
9.James Bond - Astronaut?3:29
10.Countdown For Blofeld2:37
11.Bond Averts World War Three2:17
12.You Only Live Twice - End Title3:33
13.James Bond In Japan10:41
14.Aki, Tiger and Osato5:43
15.Little Nellie3:45
16.Soviet Capsule2:05
17.SPECTRE and Village3:46
18.James Bond - Ninja7:06
19.Twice Is The Only Way To Live2:49
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
Thunderball (1965)
1.Thunderball - Main TitleTom Jones3:03
2.Chateau Fight2:31
3.The Spa2:42
4.Switching The Body2:48
5.The Bomb5:45
6.Cafe Martinique3:45
8.Death of Fiona2:31
9.Bond Below Disco Volante4:05
10.Search For Vulcan2:24
12.Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang3:18
13.Gunbarrel/Traction Table/Gassing The Plane/Car Chase4:43
14.Bond Meets Domino/Shark Tank/Lights Out For Paula/For King and Country8:18
15.Street Chase3:23
16.Finding The Plane/Underwater Ballet/Bond With SPECTRE Frogmen/Leiter To The Rescue/...10:15
17.Underwater Mayhem/Death of Largo/End Titles10:21
18.Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang2:41
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
1.We Have All The Time In The WorldLouis Armstrong3:15
2.This Never Happened To The Other Feller5:06
4.Ski Chase3:39
5.Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?Nina3:21
6.Main Theme - On Her Majesty's Secret Service2:35
7.Journey To Blofeld's Hideaway4:53
8.We Have All The Time In The World2:59
9.Over and Out3:11
10.Battle At Piz Gloria4:03
11.We Have All The Time In The World - James Bond Theme4:38
12.Journey To Draco's Hideaway3:41
13.Bond and Draco4:34
14.Gumbold's Safe4:59
15.Bond Settles In2:16
16.Bond Meets The Girls3:27
17.Dusk At Piz Gloria2:32
18.Sir Hillary's Night Out (Who Will Buy My Yesterdays?)4:46
19.Blofeld's Plot5:19
20.Escape From Piz Gloria4:53
21.Bobsled Chase2:03
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