Autumn in New York

Hollywood Records Germany (4029758228029)
Hollywood Records US (0720616228024)
Movie | Released: 2000 | Format: CD

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.BeautifulJennifer Paige4:10
2.Getting Some Fun Out of LifeMadeline Peyroux3:13
3.Autumn in New YorkYvonne Washington4:45
4.Our Love Never EndsSydney Forest4:06
5.Charlotte and Will2:45
6.Autumn Forever3:39
7.Elegy for CharlotteMiriam Stockley3:15
8.Autumn in New York -- Opening Titles2:09
9.First Kiss1:28
10.MemoriesMiriam Stockley0:53
11.A Rude Awakening0:57
12.Walking Through the Park0:57
14.Thinking About Lisa0:57
17.Thinking It Over1:06
19.Can You Let Me Love You?2:59
20.Searching for a Doctor1:17
22.The Chances for Success1:21
23.What Can I Give You?1:25
24.I Don't Want to Leave You2:09
25.First / Last SnowMiriam Stockley1:26
26.To the HospitalMiriam Stockley2:23
27.No Thing That Ever Flew2:59
28.The GiftMiriam Stockley2:06
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Autumn in New York - 07/10 - Review of John Mansell, submitted at
This is a score that has been around for a while, from a film that did not do that well at the box office in spite of being a tear jerker and starring Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. Gabriel Yared has penned a poignant and delicately touching soundtrack for this production from 2000. The compact disc opens with 4 vocals all of which are used effectively within the movie, track 5 is the beginning of the original score proper, and Yared immediately grabs the attention of the listener with a graceful and subtle tone poem performed on piano which is supported and enhanced by strings. CHARLOTTE AND WILL as it is entitled could be the work of Morricone it has that almost forlorn, solitary but romantic sound to it. Piano solo with understated strings begin the cue, these are soon joined by solo oboe, the string section then becomes more prominent taking on Yared’s romantic and highly lyrical theme. The second cue, FOREVER AUTUMN is also very much in the same vein as cue number 1, but it give prominence to the strings as they give the central theme of the score a thorough work out. Track number three ELEGY FOR CHARLOTTE is a cue that is a surprise and also a delight, the composer utilising the distinct vocal talents of Miriam Stockley, in a very similar fashion to that of Morricone and other composers from Italy when they employed the unique aural talents of Edda Dell Orso within their scores. In later cues the composer introduces alto sax on a number of the cues, these performances are fleeting but make an impact helping to create a sound that is pleasing. AUTUMN IN NEW YORK is a touching and delightful work, which for some reason received negative reviews from many soundtrack publications when it was first released, all I can say is that they obviously did not listen to the same compact disc as I did. Having seen the movie recently on television I can tell you that the music in the movie works superbly, Yared’s score adds emotion to an already emotional movie, his strings are the romance, his woodwinds are the sorrow and his piano solos are the tears that are shed within this heartrending storyline. The music also works like a dream away from the images it was intended to enhance and support, and go to make up a enjoyable listening experience. There are just fragments of certain cues where the composer introduces a violin or even a haunting female voice, they are just momentarily infused into the composition, half heard at times but add that certain magical touch, as in track number 25, FIRST/LAST SNOW and track number 26, TO THE HOSPITAL. Gabriel Yared is a composer of note, that deserves more recognition for his contributions to the world of film music, he said to me in interview that a composer is given the gift of writing music from above, well this score certainly proves that Yared has been blessed with the ability to create beautiful and highly emotional themes. I would recommend this score to anyone who loves moving and haunting music.

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