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The Incredible Hulk

Marvel Music (88362956156)
Movie | Released: 2008 | Film release: 2008 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.The Arctic2:46
2.Main Title2:39
3.Rocinha Favela3:11
4.A Drop of Blood1:35
5.The Flower2:50
6.Ross' Team1:33
7.Mr. Blue1:03
8.Favela Escape3:35
9.It Was Banner1:32
10.That Is The Target5:33
11.Bruce Goes Home (Contains 'The Lonely Man Theme' from the 1977 TV Series)1:24
12.Ross And Blonsky3:15
13.Return To Culver University2:39
14.The Lab1:17
16.The Data/The Vial1:19
17.They're Here3:06
18.Give Him Everything You've Got6:08
19.Bruce Can't Stay1:54
20.First Injection1:03
21.Is it Safe?1:07
22.Hulk Theme3:59
# Track   Duration
1.Saved From The Flames0:53
3.Arrival At The Motel1:48
4.I Can't2:15
5.Abomination Alley3:56
6.Bruce Found2:52
7.Bruce Looks For The Data1:05
8.NYC Cab Ride1:16
9.The Mirror1:17
10.Sterns' Lab4:16
11.Bruce Darted3:00
12.I Want It, I Need It1:36
13.Blonsky Transforms1:16
14.Bruce Must Do It2:11
15.Harlem Brawl3:53
16.Are They Dead?2:40
17.Hulk Smash2:25
18.Hulk And Betty1:50
19.A Tear1:01
20.Who's We?0:56
21.The Necklace1:44
22.Bruce And Betty5:06
23.Hulk Theme (End Credits)3:59
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This soundtrack trailer contains music of:

'Thy To Catch Me', Cinetrax (Trailer)
Man on Fire (2004), Harry Gregson-Williams (Track 3. Taxi) (Movie)
'Doomsday', Smashin Pumpkins (song(s))
Dark Side of Power, Immediate Music (Trailer)
Fury Unleashed, Immediate Music (Trailer)

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