Box set with 6 CDs, 1 DVD and a deluxe 168-page book

Varèse Sarabande Club (0030209110927)
Movie | Release date: 08/02/2010 | Film release: 1960 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 5000 copies

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# Track   Duration
All surviving stereo tracks of Alex North's Spartacus
2.Main Title3:17
3.The Mines3:01
5.First Pair3:44
6.Gladiators Fight To The Death2:20
8.On To Vesuvius (Forward, Gladiators / Forest Meeting)4:52
9.Oysters And Snails (Film Version)3:07
10.Hopeful Preparations / Vesuvius Camp1:59
11.Vesuvius Montage1:19
12.Blue Shadows And Purple Hills3:11
13.Headed For Freedom3:15
14.Homeward Bound (On To The Sea / Beside The Pool)6:27
15.Metapontum Triumph1:35
17.Expectant Parents3:07
18.Prelude To Battle (Quiet Interlude / The Final Conflict)5:11
20.Goodbye My Life, My Love / End Title4:16
21.Spartacus Love Theme2:50
22.On To The Sea / Infant Burial3:03
23.Oysters And Snails / Festival (Album Version)3:24
# Track   Duration
The complete original film soundtrack of Spartacus
2.Main Title3:41
3.The Mines3:00
5.Varinia's Theme3:15
6.Training The Gladiators (Part I)1:29
8.Spartacus' Cell1:37
9.Kitchen (Part I)1:36
10.Training The Gladiators (Part II)0:37
11.Kitchen (Part II)0:48
13.Source Music (Part I)2:36
14.Source Music (Part II)3:30
15.First Pair3:38
16.Draba Fight2:49
20.The Breakout2:08
21.Slaves Escape0:47
22.Crassus' Home0:37
23.Deserted School1:55
24.Forest Meeting4:50
25.Oysters And Snails3:03
26.Vesuvius Camp1:59
27.New Recruits1:51
28.Glabrus March0:24
29.Vesuvius Montage1:19
31.Love Sequence3:10
32.Glabrus Defeated3:40
33.Glabrus Disgraced1:44
# Track   Duration
The complete original film soundtrack of Spartacus
2.On To The Sea3:07
3.Luceria Camp0:42
4.Beside The Pool2:28
5.Dusty March0:31
6.Metapontum Triumph1:33
7.Roman Baths1:46
8.Arrival At The Beach0:59
10.Sound The Trumpet0:31
11.Crassus Legions0:41
12.Back From The Sea0:30
13.Crassus' Camp0:48
14.Camp At Night2:19
15.Expectant Parents3:10
18.The Battle4:09
19.Desolation Elegy2:05
20.I Am Spartacus3:14
21.Recognition And Crucifixion March2:46
22.Night Crucifixion0:35
23.Varinia And Crassus4:59
24.Fear Of Death3:22
25.Spartacus Defies Crassus2:17
26.The Last Fight4:47
27.Final Farewell And End Title4:17
28.Exit Music2:48
# Track   Duration
A selection of unused and alternate cues from the original film sessions, along with Alex North's original preliminary cue recordings for the film
1.Overture (Unused Version)4:02
2.Main Title (Alternate Version)3:33
3.Gladiator Selection (Unused Version)2:31
4.Kitchen (Part I) (Alternate Version)1:55
5.On To The Sea (Alternate Version)2:58
6.Infant Burial (Alternate Version)0:47
7.End Of Act I (Alternate Version)1:06
8.Festival (Alternate Version)1:50
9.Sound The Trumpet (Alternate Version)0:23
10.Spartacus March0:34
11.Spartacus March (Alternate Ending Version)0:18
12.Spartacus Fanfare0:13
13.Fear Of Death (Alternate Version)3:26
14.Training The Gladiators (Part I) / Painting (Preliminary Version)2:45
15.Training The Gladiators (Preliminary Version)2:37
16.Training The Gladiators (Part II) (Preliminary Version)0:37
17.Brooding (Preliminary Version)3:06
18.Revolt (Preliminary Version)0:28
19.Festival (Preliminary Version)0:51
20.Spartacus Love Theme (Preliminary Version)3:05
21.Desolation Elegy (Preliminary Version)3:29
22.Crucifixion March (Preliminary Version)2:05
# Track   Duration
Spartacus Love Theme as Interpreted by...
1.Bill Evans5:09
2.Yusef Lateef4:11
3.Mark Isham11:09
4.Dave Grusin2:53
5.Nathan Barr & Lisbeth Scott5:08
6.Carlos Santana6:48
7.Terry Callier4:28
8.Patrick Doyle5:01
9.Joel McNeely2:27
10.Lalo Schifrin5:17
11.The Ramsey Lewis Trio7:12
# Track   Duration
Spartacus Love Theme as Interpreted by...
1.Bill Evans & Jeremy Steig5:00
2.Alexandre Desplat2:36
3.Regina Carter6:21
4.Diego Navarro3:54
5.Gabor Szabo3:13
6.John Debney4:45
7.Brian Tyler7:08
8.Randy Edelman3:49
9.Richard Stoltzman4:49
10.John Neufeld & Marty Krystall4:01
11.Eric Stern & The London Symphony Orchestra4:14
# Track   Duration
A series of conversations about Alex North and the score of Spartacus
1.DVD-Video : Conversations On Alex North's Spartacus96:00
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