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Movie Film release: 1998

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# Track   Duration
2.Main Title1:02
3.Attack At The Wall/The Emperor2:12
4.Prayers/Grandma's Cricket2:54
5.The Matchmaker1:51
7.Proclamation From The Emperor3:02
8.The Transformation/Mulan Leaves3:14
9.Awakening The Great Stone Dragon1:19
10.Master Plan0:55
12.A Man's World1:54
13.Ping Introduces0:54
14.A New Day0:41
15.The Arrow1:07
16.The Doll1:03
17.Bogus Letter0:56
18.The Delivery0:36
19.Burnt Village/The General Is Dead3:13
20.Arrow Attack1:16
21.The Huns Ride1:50
23.The Masquerade Is Over2:42
24.Confessions/Surviving Huns3:22
25.Victory Celebration1:29
27.The Huns Intrude0:41
28.Concubines/Saving The Emperor2:25
29.Mushu To The Rescue2:37
30.Honoring Mulan1:50
32.End Credits3:36
Alternate Versions
34.The Emperor/Prayers3:48
35.Mulan's Transformation3:22
36.Confessions/To The Imperial City2:38
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