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The Wild Bunch
End of the Line Edition

Film Score Monthly (638558032329)
Movie | Released: 2013 | Film release: 1969 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
Film Score
1.Main Title5:44
2.From Coffer to First Shoot-Out1:01
3.They Cleared Out / Buck's Arroyo2:36
4.Judas Goat / Mexico Lindo / Half Hour of Light / To Sykes's Camp2:18
5.Angel Confronts the Gorch Brothers / 1st Denver Hotel ("With "Darkey's Awakening")1:41
6.Denver Flashback (With "Darkey's Awakening")1:17
7.Slow Motion Tumble / Aurora Mi Amor3:01
8.All Clear / Arriving at Angel's Camp2:22
9.Drunk With Wine and Love / Dance at Angel's Camp4:30
10.Entrance of the General0:33
11.Mariachi at First Cantina2:17
12.Song From The Wild Bunch / Angel Blows His Cork3:19
13.Give It to Him1:04
14.Ain't He the One? / Por Favor, I Need Him / Bodega el Bodega de Baño5:38
15.Give Him One / Aurora Mi Amor2:55
16.Assault on the Train and Escape, Parts 1 and 2 / Locomotive Wreck6:38
17.Assault on the Train and Escape, Parts 3 and 43:19
18.Drinking Song2:07
19.Santa Amalia2:43
20.Dynamite / Adventures on the High Road, Part 12:40
21.Adventures on the High Road, Part 21:32
22.Menace / Adventures on the High Road, Part 31:57
23.Sykes in the Sand Box or The Schidt Seen0:48
24.He's a Thief / How?1:17
25.Is That Sykes? / Bounty Hunters and Sykes's Indian3:06
26.Dragging Angel / Army Patrol / Dinner at Drunken Brawl3:48
27.Song From The Wild Bunch (guitar)3:16
# Track   Duration
Film Score
1.Attempt to Save Angel / I Gonna Give It to You2:42
2.Dirge and Finale4:19
3.La Golondrina2:04
Alternate and Additional Music
5.B Natural Chord/Mexico Lindo / Half Hour of Light / To Sykes's Camp2:04
6.1st Denver Hotel (Without "Darkey's Awakening")0:40
7.Denver Flashback (Without "Darkey's Awakening")1:17
8.Slow Motion Tumble / Aurora Mi Amor3:02
9.Brother Pike Needs Help2:01
10.All Clear (version 2)0:46
11.All Clear (version 1)0:47
12.Drunk With Wine and Love1:45
13.Song From The Wild Bunch (slow version)3:20
14.They're Coming1:54
Alternate and Additional Music
15.In the Drink / After the Bridge3:19
16.Santa Amalia3:21
17.Adventures on the High Road, Part 21:33
19.First Machine Gun Fiesta / Second Machine Gun Fiesta0:56
20.Is That Sykes? (version 2)1:19
21.Is That Sykes? (version 1)1:19
23.Song From The Wild Bunch (harmonica)2:47
24.Long March1:43
25.Dirge (revised overlay pickup, take 3)1:28
26.Dirge (revised overlay pickup, take 1)1:27
27.La Golondrina (End Title, long version)2:19
28.La Golondrina (instrumental backing track)3:03
# Track   Duration
1969 Soundtrack Album
1.Song From The Wild Bunch3:53
2.Main Title4:08
3.Aurora Mi Amor2:34
4.Asssault on the Train and Escape5:34
5.Drinking Song2:01
7.Adventures on the High Road2:29
8.Bodega el Bodega de Baño2:59
9.Dirge and Finale4:16
10.End Credits (La Golondrina)2:23
Demo Score
11.Demo #1 (Teresa's Entrance)3:36
12.Demo #2 (Dirge and Finale)3:39
Additional Recordings
13.Teresa Ad Lib #14:09
14.Teresa Ad Lib #22:04
15.Teresa Ad Lib #32:27
16.Santa Maria #13:38
17.Santa Maria #23:38
18.Tender Theme (Teresa's Entrance)2:36
19.La Golondrina (End Title, short version)2:06
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