God's Waiting List

Spheris Records (842994009733)
Movie | Release date: 12/04/2007 | Film release: 2006 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
2.Flower Store1:01
3.Love Scene1:06
4.Car Chase1:23
8.The Alley0:41
10.Back Home2:08
11.Bus Ride0:36
12.Break Up2:20
13.Plant Talk1:04
14.First Kiss1:19
15.Sol's Story1:48
16.Working Out0:41
17.Record Store1:17
18.Praying for Both0:28
19.Sniff Picnic2:07
20.Falling Apart1:20
21.Fixing the Orchid2:28
22.Phone Call1:12
24.Bad Trip0:44
25.Door Step0:36
29.Sol's Eviction0:57
30.I Know Them1:51
31.In the Streets0:32
32.In Jail1:00
33.A Fraud2:03
34.Priest X0:52
35.Under the Bridge0:42
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God's Waiting List - 08/10 - Review of John Mansell, submitted at
Right from the offset one instinctively knows that this is going to be a work of high standards full of well thought out compositions with precise orchestrations and flawless performances that all combine to make up a soundtrack that oozes quality and class. The opening cue ROOFTOP, which was unfortunately not utilised in the film, is an interesting mix of electronic beats and solo trumpet interspersed with fleeting piano flourishes and low sounding strings in the background, it is a short lived cue but none the less one that is memorable and infectious. Track 4, CAR CHASE is an up tempo swift paced cue, it begins quite subdued but soon builds into a composition that is suitably tense and exciting, again short lived but an exhilarating listen. Track 5, AMBULANCE is far more laid back and down tempo, a trumpet solo in jazz style is heard over synthesised piano and electronic sounds creating an almost urban feel and sound, its the sort of music one expects to hear as the camera spans the skyline of a large metropolis. TRACK 7, ARRESTED, is for the most part synthesised and has the sound of Vangelis about it, the electronics being interspersed with piano and trumpet, which creates again a very atmospheric sound. Track 9, EVICTED is an interesting composition, almost spaghetti western sounding to this reviewer. It is again a fusion of electronic and conventional instrumentation, with trumpet once more taking centre stage supported by what I think could be a fuzzy sounding guitar laced with bass guitar that supports throughout. Track 15, SOLS STORY, is most certainly a stand out cue, performed by piano, it is a poignant and emotive sounding cue. Also RESSURECTION track 36, is a cue that captivates when listened to, it runs for just over 6 minutes, the composer drawing together many of the colours and elements of the score to create a composition that builds slowly but surely into something that I deem to be very accomplished and special, with trumpet making a fleeting appearance and also effective use of soprano I guarantee this is a cue that collectors will return to many times. Without a doubt Vincent Gillioz is a composer of note, a composer who is full of wonderful compositions and innovative musical ideas and a composer who I predict will graduate to A list movies very, very soon. In Gillioz I see and hear a younger version of Marco Beltrami, Thomas Newman, Christopher Young and their like. Watch out for him at the Oscars sooner rather than later.

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