King Kong vs. Godzilla

La-La Land Records (0826924104125)
Movie | Release date: 01/17/2006 | Format: CD
Limited edition

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title2:02
2.Series of World Wonders0:09
3.The Sparkling Iceberg / Pashin Commercial1:20
4.Fujita & Fumiko4:30
5.The Seahawk in Crisis / Great News Gathering Team Departure4:33
6.The Seahawk's S.O.S.1:58
7.Faro Island0:47
8.The Natives0:57
9.Southern Island Tale1:50
10.Thunder and the Devil / Fumiko's Misgivings2:18
11.Godzilla's Resurrection1:42
12.The Cry of the Devil / A Prayer to the Rolling Thunder2:12
13.The Devil of the South Seas / Drums of Battle / Giant Octopus vs. King Kong4:57
14.The Sleeping Devil3:13
15.The Terror of Godzilla3:36
16.The Invincible King Kong / Preparation for Operation1:00
17.King Kong vs. Godzilla I2:42
18.Preparations for Operation0:24
23.Kong Shows Up in Tokyo2:05
24.The Plan to Rescue Fumiko I2:17
25.The Plan to Rescue Fumiko II2:44
26.The Plan to Transport King Kong2:13
27.King Kong Advances on Fuji2:07
28.The Confrontation at Fuji2:07
29.King Kong's Resurrection1:41
30.King Kong vs. Godzilla II1:59
Bonus Material
32.Main Title (mono)2:02
33.Main Title (a cappella)3:44
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First time ever on CD in North America! Presenting the original motion picture soundtrack to the classic 1962 Toho Studios monster thriller 'King Kong Vs. Godzilla.' Legendary composer Akira Ifukube ('Godzilla') fashions a spellbinding orchestral score to chronicle this one-of-a-kind battle between two of filmdom's most beloved creatures. Remastered from Toho Studio vault sources, with bonus tracks and featuring exclusive liner notes, this is the definitive release of Ifukube's amazing score. Godzilla celebrated his 50th Anniversary in 2004 with many worldwide events and King Kong has seen a resurgence of interest with the new Peter Jackson film and a new DVD release of the original movie.

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