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Movie | Release date: 07/10/2007 | Film release: 1998 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 3000 copies

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# Track   Duration
Disc One
1.The Beginning3:29
2.Tanker Gets It1:11
5.Footprints/New York/Audrey0:54
6.Chewing Gum Nose0:30
7.Ship Reveal/Nick Discovers Fish/Flesh1:39
8.The Boat Gets It2:09
9.Down of the Species1:49
10.Joe Gets a Bite/Godzilla Arrives3:11
11.Mayor's Speech1:03
12.Caiman's Office0:45
13.Animal's Camera1:39
14.Military Command Center/New Jersey1:55
15.Audrey's Idea0:22
17.French Coffee0:56
18.Subway Damage/Command Enters City2:50
20.Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?5:13
21.1st Helicopter Chase/Godzilla Swats a Chopper4:08
22.We Fed Him/Audrey Sees Nick1:21
23.Nick and Audrey/He's Pregnant/udrey Takes the Tape/French Breakfast4:46
24.He's Preparing to Feed0:34
25.Nick Gets Fired/Nick Gets Abducted/Frenchie's Warehouse/Nick Joins the Foreign Legion5:47
# Track   Duration
Disc Two
1.Chewing Gum1:51
2.Rumble In The Tunnel1:35
3.Godzilla O Park/Godzilla Takes A Dive/Godzilla Versus The Submarine/Egg Discovery9:42
4.Baby 'Zillas Hatch3:51
5.Nick Phones For Help1:28
6.Eat The French2:14
7.Phillip Shoots The Lock1:03
8.Nick's Big Speech/The Garden Gets It7:07
9.He's Back!/Taxi Chase & Clue7:06
10.Big G Goes To Monster Heaven4:30
11.The End4:07
Bonus Tracks
12.The Beginning (no choir)3:32
13.Footprints/New York/Audrey (alt.)0:48
14.The Boat Gets It (alt.)1:09
15.Gojira (Album Version)2:44
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Godzilla - 08/10 - Review of Jason FLZ, submitted at
Very rarely do American remakes of Japanese franchises work out. The best example by far of this is the American Godzilla. Heavily advertised, the film ended up critically panned and left a bad taste in audiences mouth. For David Arnold at the time, his career was close to hitting a peak. After scoring massive projects like Stargate and Independence Day and taking on the James Bond franchise as well, Arnold got to score a major monster movie.

For those who enjoy or at least are accustomed David Arnold's usual sweeping themes will probably have a good time with this score. For the massive lizard-like dinosaur there is a grand thematic piece. Dramatic scenes in the film are marked with overly dramatic, bombastic and choral melodies. For the action, Arnold scores with as much intensity as his ID and Stargate scores. There is also a militaristic theme for the french spruced in.

David Arnold's action scores are generally good, and Godzilla is no exception. While not as powerful or fun as Independence Day or even as developed as Stargate, Godzilla is a great score to behold. The action cues are thrilling, to say the least. The themes are also sweeping and mysterious. Not Arnold's best album but a pretty strong effort on his part.

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