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The Legend of Bagger Vance

Chapter III (0667603100928)
Movie | Released: 2000 | Film release: 2000 | Format: CD

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.My Best WishesFats Waller2:29
2.The Legend of Bagger Vance2:13
3.Savannah Needs a Hero4:54
4.Bagger Offers to Caddy for Junuh4:08
5.Bagger and Hardy Measure the Course at Night2:34
6.The Day of the Match Dawns3:09
8.Junuh Sees the Field5:12
9.Hole in One2:31
10.Junuh Comes Out of the Woods3:56
11.Bagger Leaves3:13
12.Old Hardy Joins Bagger by the Sea5:52
13.Bluin' the BluesMuggsy Spanier2:40
14.Mood IndigoDuke Ellington3:06
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The Legend of Bagger Vance - 08/10 - Review of Andreas Lindahl, submitted at
Few composers have such a strong personal sound as Rachel Portman. With her typical orchestrations favouring strings, woodwinds and piano and often bittersweet, melodic and quite simple themes, it's a personal style that's really easy to spot. It may not be the most original material you'll ever hear, but it works. It really does. And her score for The Legend of Bagger Vance is no exception. It has all the ingredients one expects to find in a Rachel Portman score. The lyrical theme, the strong strings, often supported by prominent woodwinds, and there's almost always a piano present - either in the foreground or background. Add to this some trumpet solos and a soft female choir and you've got a really lovely and beautiful score that without doubt is one of the best scores of 2000.

It's nothing new, really - it shares a lot of ideas with Portmans' wonderful scores for The Cider House Rules and Emma - and it is quite repetetive. But it works, as already stated. The Legend of Bagger Vance is one of those romantic, cozy scores and a welcome addition to an otherwise rather blend and uninteresting year when it comes to film music.

Apart from the sweet, romantic music, the score also features some more groovy, upbeat music, with low brass, and jassy percussion, that for some reason reminds me of Michael Land's music for the Monkey Island computer games - don't ask me why, though... It's really groovy and catchy and serves as an excellent contrast to the rest of the score.

The CD also includes a couple of classic songs performed by Fats Waller, Muggsy Spanier and Duke Ellington. Placed at the beginning and end of the disc, they never interupt the flow of the score.
The Legend of Bagger Vance - 06/10 - Review of Tom Daish, submitted at
It gets a bit frustrating with every Rachel Portman having to say that the score is nothing new, but in fairness Portman doesn't seem either willing or able to divert from her seemingly set in stone modus operandi. Admittedly, she always writes something that is nothing less than utterly charming and attractive and with The Legend of Bagger Vance we have a score that is, unsurprisingly, extremely attractive and charming from start to finish.

The main theme is introduced in the title track, a warm trumpet melody backed by a chugging string line that seems distantly familiar. It's great when actually you're actually listening to it, but in a line up of half a dozen similar themes such as Goldsmith's seemingly iconic Rudy or Poledouris' recent Kimberly, you'd be hard pressed to pick it out as a stronger entry. So chugs away the rest of the score; plenty of clarinet or trumpet solos all warmly ensconsed in a backing of violins and/or piano, all gorgeous, all vaguely familiar.

I don't really want to drown under a deluge of complaints of unfair treatment. As I say, as a listening experience, this is enjoyable fluff. The album is perhaps a fraction long in places, but pour enough charm into a score and it can usually keep you listening until the end. The few jazzy source cues are programmed at the beginning and end so won't disrupt the gentle ebb and flow of Portman's music which may or may not be a good thing depending on how soporific you find the album. For Portman fans, another one to extend the collection, for anyone a little more skeptical, then there are probably better Portman efforts out there.
The music of this soundtrack was used in:

The Legend of Bagger Vance (Trailer)
Deux Frères (Trailer)


This soundtrack trailer contains music of:

Field of Dreams (1989), James Horner (Movie)
The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000), Rachel Portman (Movie)

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