The Little Mermaid
Mandarin Chinese Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Deluxe Edition

Walt Disney Records 05/26/2023 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Triton's Kingdom2:33
2.Part of Your WorldYichun Shan3:34
3.Fathoms BelowYunga A, Kexin Yuan, Ran Chen & Ensemble-The Little Mermaid1:29
4.Part of Your World (Reprise)Yichun Shan2:37
5.Under the SeaShichao Liu & Cast-The Little Mermaid3:05
6.Wild Uncharted WatersYunga A3:00
7.Poor Unfortunate SoulsQishan Huang4:42
8.For the First TimeYichun Shan4:08
9.Kiss the GirlShichao Liu, Yuan Chen, Jiashu Chen & Ensemble-The Little Mermaid3:17
10.The ScuttlebuttYuan Chen & Shichao Liu2:02
11.Eric's Decision2:22
12.Vanessa's Trick1:04
13.Part of Your World (Reprise II)Yichun Shan1:33
14.Kiss the Girl (Island Band Reprise)2:17
16.Opening Title1:00
17.Eric's Ship1:31
18.Shipwreck Graveyard1:53
19.Shark Attack1:33
21.Ursula's Reveal1:30
22.Ariel's Grotto0:45
24.The Rescue1:07
25.Triton's Fury2:31
26.Journey to Ursula1:54
27.Ursula's Lair1:52
28.Eric's Library1:24
29.Carriage Ride2:36
31.Ursula's Potion1:32
32.Ariel Regains Her Voice1:39
33.The Sun Sets1:14
34.Ursula Battle4:28
36.The Kiss0:53
37.Ariel's Goodbye1:23
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